A Brand New Way to Earn While Gaming is on the Horizon

A Brand New Way to Earn While Gaming is on the Horizon

Zone of Avoidance (ZoA), a ground-breaking new play-to-earn game, is crashing through the GameFi atmosphere with a variety of thrilling Player-versus-Player (PVP) and Player-versus-Environment (PVE) mechanics. Set in the inhospitable frontier that is the great beyond, this NFT-based auto-battler is set to excite players with a brand new take on PVP, while visually stunning heroes and their accompanying ships and upgrades will keep gamers glued to their screens.

ZoA has successfully closed their private rounds with the backing of high-profile investors including Digital Strategies, Lua Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, EOI Ventures and more. They are currently closing their much-anticipated public IDO for their $ZOA token, with their Genesis NFT drop planned for the first weeks of May. Their token launch and NFT release is paving the way for their playable MVP, due to go live in Q2.

With a tantalizing roadmap that includes an integrated marketplace with NFT lending features, more game modes, player tournaments, rankings and the ongoing expansion of the ZoA universe, there’s no doubt that this game will be the talk of the space station. Get ready to planet-hop into the distant future, discovering valuable commodities and fiercely battling their protectors along the way.

Gameplay & Story

Coming face to face with extinction in the 21st Century, the human race decided to pool their resources and focus on branching out to the great beyond. Over thousands of years, pockets of humanity began to appear across the universe after a hyper-technological revolution that enabled incomprehensible distances to be traversed in relatively little time.

With time and space between the pockets growing, these civilizations evolved to meet the needs of their new environments. Over millions of years, gravity, radiation, diets and the demands of galactic travel saw three distinct interplanetary races evolve to dominate the rest, each with supreme strength, intelligence and technological mastery: the Humans, the Syndicate and the Raddans.

Today, the universe is overpopulated, and there are only so many habitable planets to go around. Even adventurers who explore far-away and inhospitable planets should not expect to find themselves alone. These three races are in a constant battle to maintain control over the resources they can find, and as such, the grip of war has expanded to the furthest reaches of the universe to the great barrier of our observable reality, a place unknown and unexplored: a place known as the Zone of Avoidance.

Players explore the ZoA universe through both PVP and PVE campaigns. In the PVE campaign, players must progress through five galaxies, each containing 12 planets. In PVP, players take on other players to dominate leaderboards and earn exciting rewards.

In ZoA, gamers take control of a band of mercenary soldiers and are required to create dynamic strategies to defeat their enemies. Players select their heroes and place them in a formation before the fight, and then watch as the battle unfolds automatically before their eyes. As players progress, battles become more difficult and their strategies will need to adapt to ensure victory. With time, players acquire larger ships, and with larger ships come larger battles.

Marketplace & Tokenomics

As they progress, players will be able to upgrade their ships and heroes, ultimately increasing their NFT portfolio’s value in the real world. Players also earn both $ZOA and $ZGO tokens through battles, arguably the most valuable commodities in the ZoA ecosystem. Of course, as players progress, they will encounter increasingly more formidable opponents who will, in turn, drop more tokens. Tougher battles yield better rewards but require stronger heroes—a cycle that powers the ZoA game economy.

ZoA’s tokens are a key component of their NFT marketplace where they are used both for transactions and for securing better prices on assets for sale. The marketplace is where players can buy and sell heroes, spaceships and items from each other, and where they can also purchase card packs that contain a random assortment of new NFTs. Heroes themselves have differing rarities – Common, Rare, Epic, Elite and Legendary – with the rarer cards being the strongest.

ZoA also plans to leverage emerging solutions to NFT rentals in their ‘SpaceBar’ – an intergalactic tavern where players can rent heroes and spaceships from other players. These NFT rentals give players a chance to earn income on their unused assets without needing to sell them, creating new opportunities for passive income.

PVE, PVP, NFTs and marketplaces are nothing new, so what does ZoA bring to the table that sets it apart from its competitors? Firstly, the storyline is ultra-captivating, detailed enough to be a book series. Players will find themselves drawn into a new world, one that is exciting, immersive and constantly evolving, with an exciting mesh of space and cyberpunk narratives and aesthetics. Secondly, strong tokenomics make this far more than an immersive experience; the blockchain is incorporated in a way that makes playing profitable and economically strategic. For instance, NFTs may be burnt to harvest their contents in resources, but they get lost forever as a result. The game’s mechanics are ultimately designed to increase demand for ZoA assets. Lastly, the game’s NFTs are collectible and may be sold on inter-game marketplaces, depending on the future scope for partnerships. The quality of the artwork should not be underestimated.

The Future

With a captivating storyline, strategic gameplay, rewarding tokenomics and a well-structured NFT economy, Zone of Avoidance is a game that investors and gamers alike should keep an eye on.

Check out the ZoA website at zoa.game for all the latest details, including how you can get your hands on $ZOA tokens after their highly-anticipated public listing.

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