ALTAVA is Pioneering a Digitalized Fashion Industry

ALTAVA is Pioneering a Digitalized Fashion Industry
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ALTAVA aims to create and launch digital twin versions of physical luxury items and mint them as NFTs. The goal, according to the founding team, is to enable the usage of these NFTs across varying sections of the metaverse.

Founded by Any Ku, owner of Mstar, a virtual game focusing on high fidelity, ALTAVA seeks to pioneer a radical shift in how the billion-dollar fashion industry operates.

The ALTAVA Group

Through the help of blockchain technology, the distributed permanent ledger, ALTAVA has created a suite of features that will aid the democratization of the fashion industry, fostering self-expression and access to twin versions of some of the most luxury items.

ALTAVA; Worlds of You

A gamified social commerce platform expressly for luxury items, ALTAVA; Worlds of You is one of ALTAVA’s products designed to promote self-expression. To enable free expression in the metaverse, ALTAVA will allow you to curate, discover, and play with Worlds of You.

Introducing customization tools and AI facial recognition, ALTAVA will allow users to experience a completely different reality where their avatar is the alternative version of themselves. By commingling the virtual and physical worlds, ALTAVA, through Worlds of You, hope to enable seamless access to twin versions of luxury items, breaking an existing entry barrier and offering users access to these items at a reduced cost.

ALTAVA Marketplace

As the name implies, ALTAVA Marketplace is a market where users can buy and trade NFTs and other forms of digital assets. Divided into two markets—Primary and Secondary—ALTAVA is committed to delivering easier and faster entry into newly released NFTs and offering potential buyers an opportunity to cop previously owned ones.

With a community of enthusiasts, ALTAVA passes off the task of pricing and valuing NFTs to community members. Not surprisingly, ALTAVA has partnered with a plethora of brands as it seeks to facilitate the digitalization of fashion. Deploying a three-way approach, beginning with initial designs, ALTAVA will adopt unique and specific parameters that will enable them to create and design a variety of formats that comply with the incumbent specifications in virtual worlds.

To distribute, albeit a percentage, of limited series NFTs, plans are underway to partner with some of the most popular NFT marketplaces; Niffy Gateway, OpenSea, Binance, and Rarible.

Benefits of Holding ALTAVA’s Utility Token, TAVA

TAVA will act as a base currency in the ALTAVA Marketplace and ALTAVA; Worlds of You.

Incentivizing token holders, ALTAVA will offer rewards for any limited NFTs released. That's not all; ALTAVA will host private launches where only TAVA token holders participate.

TAVA will also serve as a reward to users of ALTAVA who have added real value to the platform.

ALTAVA Avatars

One of ALTAVA’s core offerings is the inclusion of avatars. Like in the real world, ALTAVA will collaborate with designers, celebrities, influencers, and KOLs to create their virtual avatars.

The avatars, according to the team, will enable users to participate in ALTAVA; Worlds of You, ALTAVA Marketplace, as well as other virtual worlds. Adopting the “hyperreal technology,” ALTAVA will deliver high-quality avatars—guaranteeing the highest fidelity in their hair, make-up, outfit, and other aesthetic details.

As a platform with long-term plans on the Binance Smart Chain, ALTAVA is designed and headed by a team of renowned experts and significant stakeholders in the fashion industry. A co-founder who's well versed in the fashion industry. ALTAVA has partnered with some of fashion’s most bluechip brands such as Prada and Balmain among others as it sets out to pioneer a paradigm shift in the fashion sector.

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