Ankr Limited Offer: Just $750 For Unlimited Blockchain Requests & Advanced Web3 Functionality

Ankr Limited Offer: Just $750 For Unlimited Blockchain Requests & Advanced Web3 Functionality
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Until the 15th of April, Web3 developers are being offered a reduced price for the Ankr Premium.

Plan at just $750. Ankr is already known as an industry leader in terms of Web3 decentralized infrastructure with a giant suite of offerings for not only developers but also enterprises and DeFi stakers. The pricing was already extremely competitive aside from the limited offer.

The Ankr Premium Plan

The Ankr Premium Plan limited offer allows access to development on eleven chains -  Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, Celo, Ethereum, Fantom, IoTeX, Near, Nervos, Polygon, and Solana. Developers can simply connect to their blockchain network of choice and avail of scalable, affordable architecture to build their decentralized applications. This is faster and more reliable than connecting to the blockchain without using the optimized, decentralized Ankr infrastructure.

The Premium Plan offers unlimited blockchain requests, HTTPS and WebSockets, global node coverage, and custom SLA support. The Plan is perfect for ambitious developers looking to scale their projects quickly, with enhanced customer service through a cost-effective and multichain solution. Because Ankr is itself a decentralized platform, there is no login or sign-up process, and developers are not tying themselves down with a legacy service provider in a fixed subscription tier.

No other infrastructure provider offers a comparable level of service at a similar price. Actually, there are no other multichain providers that are in the same league. It’s the market leader in a niche and cutting edge industry and a default option for Web3 developers looking to scale and develop across multiple chains without restrictions.

Multiple Options For Ankr Developers

Aside from the Premium Plan, it’s free to access the public RPCs through ANKR with the same blockchains. It’s still designed for scalability and high availability. But it comes without features that some development teams will deem necessary for their specific projects.

Blockchain requests are limited to 1 Million per day, node coverage is limited to the USA/EU, and there are no WebSockets capabilities. Further, support for the free plan is available only through Discord and there are no advanced APIs. These APIs could be a deal-breaker when it comes to scalable and efficient dApp development as they can really reduce querying time. Moreover, in times of network congestion, Premium Plan blockchain requests are prioritized.

After the 15th of April, Ankr will return to a Pay-As-You-Go model. Prices will still remain extremely competitive but the current promotion ensures costs are kept to a bare minimum while premium services are still available.

An Unparalleled Web3 Development Experience

Ankr is continually improving the experience for Web3 software developers. Recently, the decentralized infrastructure provider released two new APIs in response to feedback about inefficiencies in the blockchain query process.

These APIs were released under the Ankr Scan branch of the wider Ankr ecosystem. Ankr Scan is a multichain explorer and having it integrated into the platform makes it easier for developers, as opposed to using third-party scanners that are not as accurate or fast.

The first API allows developers to query one or multiple blockchains concurrently in a shorter timeframe. The second API allows developers to query Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a function not readily available elsewhere. The NFT market has recently seen tremendous growth and it helps to have services available to keep in touch with Web3 market developments.

Ankr also provides a Node Provider program. Node Providers are rewarded with the native ANKR token and with the capability to access the network in times of peak traffic. The details of this program have yet to be finalized.

Ankr Is Blowing The Market Wide Open

The speed at which Ankr is moving is not to be underestimated and it is already the infrastructure provider for a significant portion of Web3 - the democratized paradigm that could soon power the entire globe. Ankr has integrated over 50 blockchains and launched over 25,000 node endpoints to more than 70,000 developers in a very short time frame.

The best part is there are no centralization concerns - Ankr does not own anything, it simply allows access to protocols. They are basically providing the architecture through which Web3 can be built. Because they are truly decentralized (they don’t store your information) there is no risk of data harvesting, an issue that is continually observed through Web2 technology.

The limited-time offer until April 15th is refundable for three days. The Plan will likely entice more developers to stay with the platform long-term as there are no other infrastructure providers in the same league. They offer better rewards, lower prices, increased interoperability, more requests, and faster queries across multiple chains.

About Ankr Network

Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure and multi-chain solutions, servicing over 50 proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading global node delivery system and developer toolkit. Ankr serves over 1T transactions a year across Web3 and is the main infrastructure provider for BSC, Fantom, and Polygon chains as of 2022.

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