Ankr Offers DeFi 3.0 With Polygon Liquid Cross-Chain Bridge And Multi-Chain API

Ankr Offers DeFi 3.0 With Polygon Liquid Cross-Chain Bridge And Multi-Chain API
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Ankr is already established as a leader in Web3 decentralized infrastructure and is rapidly producing industry-disrupting Multi-Chain Solutions that are not available anywhere else.

Ankr, the largest node provider for both Binance and Polygon, has recently unleashed a new feature that could revolutionize the way the existing DeFi space operates while breaking free from the limitations of Web2.

The new feature, Ankr Bridge, is a bridge for moving liquid staking tokens cross-chain. This avoids all of the additional fees and steps when trying to access tokens on decentralized exchanges and also creates new use cases as well as additional verticals for profitability. The first release will allow interoperability between MATIC on both the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, through the aMATICb liquid staking token.  

Ankr is a decentralized protocol for Web3 infrastructure and staking that caters to protocols, dApp developers, and Web3 users interested in earning staking rewards. Adding additional liquid staking tools and products unlocks a new era in DeFi, and yield-earning opportunities that are more lucrative than staking alone.

Liquid Staking

The benefit of liquid staking is that users still earn staking rewards but gain new opportunities to earn additional layers of rewards simultaneously. Liquid staking tokens are now used to provide new liquidity and collateral to liquidity pools, lending and borrowing platforms, and vaults. With the launch of Ankr Bridge, users can now move Ankr’s liquid staking tokens across chains, unlocking new opportunities.

Ankr currently offers liquid staking for MATIC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, DOT, and KSM. No technical expertise is required. If you are already staking these tokens somewhere else for fixed rewards, you can transfer them to Ankr for additional benefits.

Ankr Bridge

Ankr goes beyond this already advanced innovation by providing liquid staking on multiple chains through Ankr Bridge. Ankr Bridge allows users to purchase liquid staking tokens on a decentralized exchange regardless of the underlying blockchain. Users can also send and store Ankr’s liquid staking tokens across blockchains easily.

This is a massive leap in the DeFi space because it bypasses all of the problems of having to convert and transfer tokens via different exchanges and wallets for the desired cross-chain outcome. This has always been a huge cost that took time, and it was easy to make a mistake in the process.

Ankr Bridge goes even further than reducing these steps, so you only interface through one secure platform. This opens up a huge number of use-cases like arbitrage trading. For instance, if a liquid staking token is trading at a discount on a DEX on a given blockchain, you can purchase it there and bridge it to a DEX on a chain that lists it at a higher price.

This is the flexibility that cross-chain liquid staking provides, and it's not readily available anywhere else. You can gain a competitive advantage by acting before it becomes a market standard in a few years. Enterprises can even create new products such as indexes of liquid staking tokens since they are all able to exist on the same chain – Ankr Bridge opens up the Defi market in entirely new ways.  

Over the next few months, Ankr Bridge will enable a new cross-chain staking experience intended to let users stake any token on any chain in a seamless experience through the wider Ankr Earn platform.

Ankr Scan

The other product release is aimed at developers. Ankr Scan, the multi-chain explorer tool with support for over 11 chains, has developed two new APIs. These APIs were developed in response to developer feedback about the long time it took to query blockchains and the complexity involved in what should be a simple process.

To serve this need, Ankr developed a tool that allowed developers on their platform to query multiple blockchains in a shorter timespan with larger block ranges, freeing them up for more important activities. The other API allows for effortless NFT querying, which is a feature that exists nowhere else on a distributed network. Development teams can be launched into Web3 infrastructure with Ankr and its new APIs.

Ankr into Web 3

These two product releases are the latest in a sleuth of offerings by Ankr, the foremost providers of liquid staking, and other new products like Parachain Liquid Crowdloans through its Polkadot partnership. The decentralized provider is reinventing the internet and could soon be the platform of choice for Web3 developers and legacy industries.

Ankr offers unparalleled interoperability, better staking rewards, a more integrated suite, and more advanced functionality than any other Web3 decentralized infrastructure provider out there. There are simply no other platforms in the same class, and Ankr will soon become the default development environment for Web3. Both stakers and developers can win Web3 with Ankr.

About Ankr Network

Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure and multi-chain solutions, servicing over 50 proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading global node delivery system and developer toolkit. Ankr serves over 1T transactions a year across Web3 and is the main infrastructure provider for BSC, Fantom, and Polygon chains as of 2022.

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