Axes DAO is Offering Financial Freedom to all with its novel concept of – “DAO-To-Earn” and other Revolutionary Solutions

In a world where money is essential to staying alive and living a good life, the majority of individuals do not have access to the resources available to fully enjoy the possibilities that this world has to offer, because it is only available to the privileged. Moreover, according to the 2021 Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), about 1.3 billion people are multidimensionally poor. With all these factors mentioned above in play, Axes DAO has created a community of people with common goals.

Axes DAO is the first hybrid decentralized venture and capital fund that is backed by high-profile crypto and traditional assets. As a result, the platform is pushing boundaries and offering exceptional opportunities to individual investors that otherwise will likely not be available to them.

The rewards generated by the staking protocol could be seen as a universal basic income (UBI) that gives individuals the means to live a better life. Members have the means to generate passive income and focus more on things that matter, and not worry about how they will survive the next day, week, or month.

Overview of the DAO-to-Earn Initiative

In the same way, we have play-to-earn blockchain games where you get paid playing the game you love; the similar yet disruptive concept applies to DAO-to-earn. As a member of Axes DAO, you can participate in tasks within the community and get paid/rewarded for your time and service. If you want a new source of income to help improve your financial disposition, Axes DAO is a great opportunity.

This novel concept  is designed around a meritocratic and transparent framework. Such unbiased framework is result-driven and rewards your performance based on clear requirements that are reviewed and validated by eligible community members.

Community Ownership through Seed Round

Raising funds through VCs and banks will limit ownership of the project to a few individuals. Therefore, the Axes DAO team has opted for public ownership through a seed round, where anyone can own a part of the ecosystem. The seed round is scheduled to go live on April 8th, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. GMT.

The going price for 1 Axes DAO token ($XYZ) is 1 BUSD, and the maximum amount per wallet will be 5,000 BUSD (1BUSD = 1$). To reward early contributors with a low price entry, the initial funding round will be first open to whitelisted investors and then community members on a first-come-first-serve basis. The seed round will close once the hard cap of 1,000,000 BUSD is reached or 24 hours after the 300,000 BUSD soft cap.

Dual Treasury

The dual treasury feature is the rocket fuel that powers Axes DAO. According to the team, the distinct yet interconnected Treasuries (Backing Treasury & Investment Treasury) should ensure Certainty, Growth, and Sustainability (CGS).


The Backing Treasury (where decentralized assets backing the $XYZ are stored) will purchase assets to ensure that the price of the $XYZ token is secured up to 50% until the 400 BUSD floor price is attained. Once reached, the floor price of the native token will be backed 100% by assets.


The Investment Treasury will employ different strategies to generate yield leveraging its capital fund and venture capital arms. This will ensure that all assets are working for investors while increasing the value of the native token. Given the team’s experience in the Top 1 tier investment banking industry for more than a decade, network connections, strategic insights, risk management, and transparency combined will be available to Axes DAO’s community.


The percentage shared between the Backing and Investment Treasuries depends on a unique algorithm as envisioned by the Axes DAO team. The algorithm by automatically rebalancing each allocation to ensure that $XYZ is secure while distributing its target daily  1% compound interest.

Whale Defense Mechanism

The staking protocol also has an in-house built whale-defense mechanism to prevent pump and dump situations. This is achieved by having a “carbon footprint” on every token sale within the platform. Therefore, the core members of the Axes DAO cannot manipulate the token price either up or downward trends.


Being the first hybrid decentralized venture and capital fund featuring  whale defense mechanism, dual treasury, and DAO-to-Earn initiative, Axes DAO is undoubtedly revolutionary. It aims to become a self-sufficient ecosystem that empowers the ownership economy.

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