BTC365 Version 2 Launches

BTC365 Version 2 Launches
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The launch of Bitcoin over a decade ago opened up a plethora of opportunities for both the emerging market at that time and several markets. Like most industries, the sports betting market is problem-laden, ranging from the inability to fund accounts seamlessly, delayed payouts after wins, the absence of rewards for players, poor user interface, and a centralized structure.

These problems have opened the market for disruption. And with blockchain being one of the most disruptive technologies of this century, the system has pioneered a needed shift from a centralized approach to a decentralized one.

While various crypto sports betting platforms have launched to solve existing problems, further consolidates its position as one of the ideal projects through the version 2 launch.

BTC365 V2.0

Reaffirming its stance as a leading crypto sports betting platform, has recently launched the second version of its platform.

Promising a better user interface, gambling experience, and smoother betting, the newly released version hopes to redefine, albeit peculiarly, the crypto sports betting industry.

Taking things up a notch, is currently offering potential players a reward fee of 5 USDT for merely downloading the app on the IOS and Android Stores. Doubling as a genuinely rewarding platform and an app with some of the best games, delivers sportsbooks, esports, live casinos, and most importantly, in-house crypto games.

Unlike most crypto sports betting platforms, complies with existing legal regulations. The platform received its operating license from E-Gambling Montenegro, thus further cementing its stance as a project that supports, in its entirety, responsible betting.

BTC365 Games and Rewards

In addition to the 5 USDT rewards for downloading the app, the team introduces Welcome and Reload Bonus packages to reward potential gamers with 200 and 150 USDT, respectively. delivers a ton of betting options for gamers. From soccer competitions like the English Premier League, UEFA Champion’s League, and World Cup to crypto live casinos, basketball games, DOTA2, table tennis, League of Legends, poker, and crickets, this gaming platform aims to widen the choice pool for these players—an unprecedented feat in the emerging market. offers an array of games, including Rocket; a game where players select the range of number a rocket will exceed; Keno; a numbers game, Solo Rocket, Dice, and Hi-Low; a card game. Additionally, BTC365, in collaboration with famous live casino game providers like Evolution, Pragmatic Play, etc., will deliver some of the most exciting and rewarding crypto casino games, ergo enabling bet on World Cup with crypto.

Over 800 slot games are currently available on this platform. These games are not only rewarding but remarkably fun, exciting, intuitive, and adventurous. With RTPs ranging from as high as 99,2 to 89.2, slot games are ideal for players.

Allowing players to bet on FIFA with Bitcoin, aims to pioneer a paradigm shift in the gambling industry as the world prepares for the forthcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup. prides itself as the best crypto sportsbook with the most favorable odds.

This platform promises a 100% first deposit bonus for new users.

In an attempt to offer more rewarding, exciting, and immersive games, welcomes two new slot vendors—Microgaming and Hacksaw.

BTC365 Tokens

Like most projects in the billion-dollar crypto market, has created and subsequently launched its native token—BTC365 Token. Per the team, this token will facilitate the accurate and timely sharing of profits on the platform. You can earn BTC365 Tokens by playing any games on the platform.

There is currently a 10 million USDT prize pool, and users can earn as much as possible. The higher the number of tokens accumulated over time, your stake in the project’s Dividend Pool grows. Additionally, you can claim multiple rewards on several games using the BTC365 Token.

It has a total circulating supply of 76.3+ million tokens worth 9.9 million USDT.

With an active team, exciting games, an accredited license, and various competitions, integrates four payment methods—mBTC, USDT, ETH, and LTC. The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices, and it is currently available for download.

You get a bonus of 5 USDT for simply downloading and setting up the app. Get started now!

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