Cost-Effective Space Data Crunching: Cudos Offers Cloud Services to Sfera Technologies

Cost-Effective Space Data Crunching: Cudos Offers Cloud Services to Sfera Technologies
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Cudos has partnered with ground-based satellite data delivery firm Sfera Technologies in a bid to bring down operational and data processing costs by leveraging its cloud computing services.

Cudos will connect with Sfera’s Ephemeris which is a decentralized structure built by the space firm specifically to harness the efficiency and data integrity offered by blockchain technology. Ephemeris is a sound name for such a network since the word is usually associated with tables or data that contains calculated positions of heavenly and artificial objects in space. The multichain network created by Sfera Technologies is the modern alternative to the paper-based working, storage, and services of ground-based satellite stations.

Cost-Effective Solution

Space exploration has always been expensive. Even with modern rockets and materials that have been able to bring down the bill, there is only so much that is possible. However, modern computing and the use of the cloud is one aspect that has been largely ignored.

With Cudos, Sfera’s Ephemeris will be able to harness the advantages of cloud computing and drastically reduce the operational costs of its ground-based earth orbit satellite data. With the number of satellites increasing in the past few years, the current form of data storage, retrieval, and processing is becoming insanely expensive. Though many firms are using a networked model, this is limited to only using a handful of computers in an isolated manner which is expensive to scale up for today’s needs.

With Cudos, Ephemeris will have access to a hyper scalable network working on the cloud which is decentralized, secure, and offers low latency with military-grade protection against data manipulation.

CEO of Sfera Technologies, Zdravko Dimitrov had this to say about the partnership, “By integrating with CUDOS, Ephemeris obtains another piece of the puzzle — computing power to crunch raw Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites into commercial imagery products. Rigid legacy services like the satellite ground segment can now leap straight into Web3 territory, and it’s inspiring to be at the helm of this transformation together with Cudos. Considering our shared vision on decentralized data ecosystems, we’re eagerly looking forward to the great space industry solutions that will come out of our partnership.”

While Nuno Perreira, Vice President of Partnerships at Cudos said, “The alliance with Sfera Technologies demonstrates our shared belief in the future of decentralized compute and the significant benefits it holds for various economic sectors, including the space industry. Sfera’s vision is unique in that it includes an ecosystem that was previously excluded from the Web3 conversation. We’re thrilled to support high-performance computing on Ephemeris for EO imagery and more”.

Why Cloud Computing for Space?

Rather than have huge data centers and large infrastructure holding computers, the use of cloud computing offers a range of benefits, such as:

  • Real Estate: Large buildings and structures are no longer required.
  • Operational Costs: Computers require a lot of energy to run and cooling systems to avoid overheating
  • Manpower: No need to hire a big team for maintenance, etc.
  • Administrative Aspects: Overheads such as electrical consumption, logistics, etc. are not required.

Cudos, with its globe-spanning network, offers extremely low-cost alternatives. There are thousands of nodes within the network spread over the world. The decentralized cloud service offers anyone to become a part of the network and share their spare computing power or data storage capacity to the network.

Through this, there is no need to set up a large computing system or expensive data storage facility. With the power spread across the globe and run on even ordinary computers, Cudos services are not only low latent, but low cost as well.

With its mainnet set to launch in February 2022, Cudos is at the helm of decentralized cloud computing technology.

About Cudos

An innovative fusion of DeFi, NFTs, and gaming is what is behind the exceptional Cudos network. The platform is bleeding edge in powering the metaverse with its decentralized fusion and integrating it to bring the vision of a decentralized Web 3.0 to the world. The platform focuses on enabling all its users to utilize the platform for their growth on decentralized forums and believes in “Win for all”.

An interoperable, open platform launchpad offering its services for the infrastructure consisting of extreme computing needs for gamified realities in Metaverse.  The network utilizes both layer one and two solutions. This ensures decentralized and permissionless access to high-performance computing without compromising on scalability.

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