Creating MetaFi: YouHodler Merges DeFi and Metaverse For Top 5 Meta Tokens

Creating MetaFi: YouHodler Merges DeFi and Metaverse For Top 5 Meta Tokens
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YouHodler is a fast-rising fintech platform that offers its users the ability to tap into the DeFi age by offering crypto loans with high LTV and at the same time a high earning interest. With more than 40 coins already in its portfolio of services, it expands into the metaverse by extending its services to include the most sought after meta tokens.

Available Immediately

A concept first described in 1992, the technology has finally caught up to it and metaverse is the next logical evolution of the internet. With the digital assets of the virtual worlds created through cryptocurrencies, these tokens have caught the attention of the public and many of them have become serious players in the market.

Providing an opportunity to their users, YouHodler has already begun to offer its full range of services to include the top 5 metaverse tokens:

  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Sandbox (SAND)
  • Axie Infinity (AXS)
  • Illuvium (ILV)
  • Gala (GALA)

Holders of these tokens can now avail all of the services offered by YouHodler, including exchanging, trading, lending and even savings.

Offering an excellent interest rate (as high as 12.3% for stablecoins), YouHodler is especially regarded by its users for out-competing the market. This will also hold true for the newly listed meta tokens and the fintech platform will be offering up to 3% APR compounded. But to celebrate the new listings, YouHodler will be offering a limited one month APR of as much as 30%.

With the world migrating towards metaverse connectivity, the addition of these 5 tokens come at the perfect time to increase holdings.

Ilya Volkov, the CEO of YouHodler described the move, “Web3 and the metaverse represent the next iteration of the internet. At YouHodler, we want to help our clients utilize their crypto in a positive way instead of just buying and holding. Hence, we feel offering new tokens such as these give our clients access to the metaverse’s potential combined with our innovative digital asset tools.”

The MetaFi

Merging basic DeFi services into the metaverse is one thing, but YouHodler knows that this is just the surface of an ocean’s depth. Beneath the waters is a whole new world with untapped potential just waiting to be discovered.

As the metaverse matures and the virtual estates inside start to go mainstream, YouHodler will also start to accept these digital properties as collateral for loans, just like it is possible today in the actual world against real estate.

And this isn’t limited to virtual houses or buildings too. YouHodler hopes to eventually support all crypto assets, be it NFTs of your art collection or digital steeds you use in your horse races.

What Does YouHodler Offer?

Offering top-notch services that are designed at the same time to bring ease to crypto enthusiasts that find DeFi too complex to handle, YouHodler allows them to tap into the most potential financial venture through:

  • Crypto Earnings: Use your idle cryptos to lend out and earn weekly compounding fixed interest.
  • Borrow Crypto: Find yourself at the other end of the stick? Don’t sell your assets for liquidation. Put up your cryptos as collateral and get fiat or stablecoin loans for as low as $100 worth of your assets with up to 90% LTV.
  • Exchange: Crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat service so you don’t have to move your assets in and out of YouHodler every time you want to buy or sell.
  • Multi HODL: Capitalize on the market swings with our innovative and predictive tool.

With its advanced yet user-friendly services, YouHodler’s decision to support metaverse tokens will bring about a change as more and more people find its services the perfect opportunity for themselves.

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