Cyprus-domiciled Danvel Finances Aims to Boost Crypto Adoption Across Europe

Cyprus-domiciled Danvel Finances Aims to Boost Crypto Adoption Across Europe
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Crypto investing has expanded exponentially across 2021 sending the crypto market capitalization past the $3 trillion mark. In light of the burgeoning number of crypto investors, new investment firms are coming up to help investors get into the digital assets space. Cyprus-domiciled Danvel Finances, an investment management company, leads the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by investing customers’ funds profitably in digital assets.

We caught up with the mastermind behind the investment firm, CEO of Danvel Finances, Mikhail Romanenko, who shared his journey in launching the firm, the progress of the investment firm, its goals, and how investors benefit from investing with them. Launched in 2021, the investment firm boasts of two experienced teams of traders who trade on exchanges to make the most profitable trades possible.

Danvel Finances diversifies customers’ funds into the digital asset markets with an aim to be “more profitable than any classical finance asset” including bank deposits, real estate, etc., Romanenko said. The company makes it easier for investors to earn a passive income from their funds without delving into the nuances of investing and trading.

According to Romanenko, the company was born out of his own capital funds obtained after selling his previous business. After enlisting the support of knowledgeable traders from Switzerland and Austria, he developed a business plan for the firm and registered it in Estonia.

“I soon found investors for this business project, which made it possible to hire additional staff, lawyers, open an office and pay for all licensing procedures, develop the necessary software, and invest in marketing,” he added.

After 15 years in the investment industry, Romanenko began attracting funds from other investors for trust management. At present, Danvel Finances has a circulating assets supply of about $10 million with over 60 high net worth investors as customers. The growth of the investment firm’s assets can be attributed to the free access to information, openness to investors, flexible investment options, and its experienced and efficient traders, Romanenko shared.

Following years of successful trading, Romanenko scaled the business to Europe. With crypto investing growing at an exhilarating pace, the company aims to grow its client base and investment capital in the coming years. Speaking on the future of Davel Finances and his achievements so far, Romanenko said,

“My success is the opportunity to do what I like and generate income. I am proud that I am able to create, but this is not the end goal yet.”

Finally, the company allows customers from across Europe and the globe to invest in trust management and start earning passive income on their funds.

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