Defy Trends Is Bringing Data Analytics To Crypto Investment

Defy Trends Is Bringing Data Analytics To Crypto Investment
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The field of crypto investment is fraught with difficulty. There has been an increasing number of crypto scams taking place and most investment is done in the context of media hype and emotional investment.

Even those who keep their funds safe and are immune to hype don’t make the most of what crypto and DeFi have to offer; they are typically not investing based on sound principles or reliable data.

This is where Defy Trends comes in. Recognizing that the market is in need of accurate analytics and a data-based framework for investment, the team behind Defy Trends has created an application that offers a means for responsible and informed decision-making.

Defy Trends Helps To Make Informed Investment Decisions

While fiat trading has a plethora of tools and analytics available to execute trades, this is not the case with cryptocurrencies. Defy Trends fills this void with an application that assigns each coin a score between 0-100. This is not an arbitrary assignment, but a score based on a number of metrics from reliable data sources.

Projects are also individually scored between 0 - 100 on 4 distinct areas: trading score, on-chain score, news score, and social score. So people looking to trade on a certain strategy can place increased emphasis on a given category.

At the very least, this kind of information will help to spot scam coins so users do not waste their funds. Projects without sufficient information are liable to score very low on the Defy Trends index, regardless of what influencers are saying on social media.  

“Actionable insights and quality information” is a signature statement from Defy Trends. The information is presented in a user-friendly dashboard so that the investor is not overloaded with data.

Defy Trends is the most advanced set of data analytics on the market that looks at millions of pieces of data from social media, on-chain transactions, community groups, online forums, news, and other sources to produce actionable and digestible indicators.

Crypto Investment: A Maturing Field

Defy Trends does more than offer a tool for informed decision-making. They are building a wider ecosystem that offers rewards for research contributions as well as modules for study. Data analytics are only useful when each analytic is understood in the context of other information.

There is little use in a sea of metrics that the user cannot understand, and this is why it has to be neatly presented with a well-rounded score. Even so, educational content is needed for further clarification.

Defy Trends also provides an Ambassador program. This program empowers women to learn about new technologies and the resulting investment opportunities, so they can achieve their long-term financial goals. It also creates network opportunities so participants can learn more about crypto investment and long-term wealth preservation in a new Web3 era.

The platform further offers solutions for businesses that are looking to get involved in Web3 as well as enterprises that are looking for a set of analytical tools for crypto and digital asset investment opportunities.

Why Data Analytics Are Needed

The days of portfolio managers and legal advisors are, if not numbered, at least going to be completely changed and disrupted. Individuals and businesses alike will need to take more direct control of their short and long-term finances. Crypto investment offers a means to do this, but it’s certainly not automatic; people need to learn how to use the system to preserve wealth.

This requires serious attention to crypto security and continual education, as well as reliable analytics for sustainable investment. This is exactly what Defy Trends provides, with a tool that aims to promote financial freedom regardless of class, ethnicity, background, religion, or gender.

Those who make wealth accidentally never keep it for long. Those who make it systemically and mathematically are practically guaranteed to have more success.

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