Earning $NUGZ and the Stoney Society Meta Game

Earning $NUGZ and the Stoney Society Meta Game
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The unprecedented rise in interest and value of cryptocurrencies and their concomitant trends—NFTs, DeFi, P&E, GameFi—have presented a good opportunity for the commingling of existing industries. Through blockchain technology—the distributed, permanent, and immutable ledger—crypto project developers have bridged the gap between cryptocurrencies and other sectors.

One of such projects sauntering this barely walked path is Stoney Society.

Expertly combining the crypto and cannabis industries, as revealed by the project developers, Stoney Society is a cannabis-backed NFT compendium. Formed under a simple belief that everyone should have proper access to the wonders of cannabis, Stoney Society embarked on a mission to make the plant legally acceptable and accessible to all.

Housed on the Ethereum blockchain, the Stoney NFT collection aims at combining these separate billion-dollar industries.

The Stoney Society Meta Game

In the last couple of months, metaverse has become one of the most talked-about phenomenons in the internet and crypto spaces. A plethora of brands are making their presence known by developing and launching a variety of events, games, and platforms. Similarly blazing off in this path is Stoney Society.

Stoney Society, in an attempt to make a presence in the budding virtual space, plans to launch a unique cannabis-growing game in Decentraland.

Earning $NUGZ Tokens

Stoney Society will be introducing the $NUGZ token as the official governance token coupled with utility in the Stoney ecosystem. It will act as a rewards token for holders of the Stoney Society NFT collection. Wanting to perfect the sustainability and true utility of the token, the details and tokenomics are still being fleshed out by the Stoney team. It can be said for certain however, that $NUGZ will play an integral part of Stoney Society. Plans for a Stoney Society cannabis farm game are currently being conceptualized, where $NUGZ, naturally will be the in-game token of use.
The $NUGZ airdrop is planned later down the road, where all holders of Stoney Society NFTs will receive $NUGZ tokens proportional to the amount of NFTs they hold. The 420 members who mint an ultra rare PLUGGED Stoney will get 10x the amount of $NUGZ tokens in the airdrop and also receive $NUGZ on a monthly basis for however long the PLUGGED Stoney NFT is held. Further opportunities to earn $NUGZ are planned to be available through the in-game mechanics of the Stoney Society meta game currently in development.

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