EnviDa Launches Blockchain-Powered Environmental Data Tracking And Mobile Crypto Mining Technology

EnviDa Launches Blockchain-Powered Environmental Data Tracking And Mobile Crypto Mining Technology
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The EnviDa project is thrilled to announce the launch of its new generation technology known as DriveMining technology. Today, there is a daunting challenge of tackling global warming and ensuring the preservation of the planet and its inhabitants. Although there have been great efforts from virtually every relevant agency around the world, there is still much needed to be done.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report, the global sea level rose to a new high in 2021, joined with continued ocean warming and ocean acidification. With all the solutions available on the table, there is yet one that has not been considered. The development of environmental data that is not influenced by corporations and politics is needed at this point in time. This is where the EnviDa Project comes into play with its cutting-edge, blockchain-based technology.

Overview of the EnviDa Project

The EnviDa project is a decentralized, blockchain-powered ecosystem designed for the future collection of essential environmental data. With its self-developed DriveMining technology, EnviDa has created a globally independent foundation to help track, collect, store, and utilize mobile environmental data. In other words, it is a decentralized, environmental data blockchain-based system that will track and collect detailed environmental data of cities in ways that is tamperproof, without political or industrial influence.

EnviDa is providing the trusted “environmental data bank” for all future environmental projects. With that in place, EnviDa is aiming to become an excellent database holding both historical and actual data. The interesting part is that the data will be stored on the blockchain network, where it will be immutable. There are many benefits of storing environmental data on an immutable ledger. Most importantly, it would enable environmental authorities and relevant NGOs to track pollutants within the environment efficiently.

The DriveMining Technology (DriveMiner)

This is the first of its kind in the blockchain industry. EnviDa’s DriveMiner is a multidimensional, independent, mobile computer with myriads of connectivity options. It is also designed to have its own specially built internet access, enabling such functions as environmental data tracking and mobile crypto mining. With the integration of specially designed sensors, the DriveMiner can record environmental data and other particles in the air covering hundreds of locations within an urban area. Some of the environmental data captured by the DriveMiner include CO2, temperature, and dust particles.

Depending on the demand, DriveMiner’s functionality can be expanded to include:

  • Harmful and toxic substances released by manufacturing companies and other related industries.
  • Radiation intensity
  • Optical analysis of the environment.

Aside from its environmental data tracking ability, the DriveMiner also offers a solution to the high energy consumption of blockchain consensus mechanisms like Proof-of-Work (PoW). The tackle this issue, EnviDa’s DriveMiner uses a more energy-efficient methodology such as a power-saving algorithm. The ability to install environmental trackers on the DriveMining technology is nothing short of revolutionary. For more information about the DriveMiner, kindly see the EnviDa whitepaper.

The technology can be a source of passive income for car drivers and transportation companies. These people will have access to the value chain of the crypto market without having to invest in additional mining infrastructure. Even if the vehicle is stationary or empty, so long as the DriveMiner is installed, the vehicle will continue to generate additional revenue for the companies. The first prototype of the DriveMining technology was created in 2019 and showcased at the Frankfurt Trade Fair in October 2019.

The EnviDa Token (EDAT)

The EnviDa token is an ERC-20 standard token and serves as the utility token for the EnviDa ecosystem. EDAT will first be deployed on the Polygon chain, after which the token will be swapped to the EnviDa blockchain network once its development has been concluded. The swapping of the token is to achieve PoW consensus within the ecosystem.

The public token sale will happen in a few weeks, and you can join the EnviDa token whitelist for more information on the requirements and how you can purchase the token.

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