FlourishingAI; The Innovative Solution for Safely Investing and Managing your DeFi Portfolio

FlourishingAI; The Innovative Solution for Safely Investing and Managing your DeFi Portfolio
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With the crypto market absent an advanced, powerful, and efficient crypto portfolio manager, FlourishingAI has  deployed an  innovative and incredibly capable  artificial intelligence [AI] powered portfolio management solution, that has been designed and launched to solve this problem and to help users in the US and abroad trade like the smart money.

Leveraging the immense potential of AI as one of the new technologies of this century, FlourishingAI’s technology [FAIT] is the first AI-powered diversified crypto portfolio manager for DeFi exchanges.

FAIT is delivering game-changing multi-dimensional portfolio strategies that will not only beat the market but accelerate positive asset growth. Instead of chasing temporal price fluctuations, like most portfolio managers, this AI-driven innovative solution makes concrete decisions based on a holistic view of the market.

To be clear, this is not a static portfolio solution. FAIT treats and trades each user’s portfolio independently. And before you ask, FAIT is not a bot. Where bots are only capable of following programmed commands, FAIT exists on a true neural network, and makes all of her trading decisions on her own. In short, there is nothing like her in the market.

Features of FlourishingAI

Employing an array of innovative technologies, FAIT is simplifying access to the DeFi market. First on the list of impressive features is the ability to monitor markets. By stroke of a powerful AI-driven tool, FlourishingAI is capable of monitoring over 6,800 markets simultaneously. Additionally, over 2.8 terabytes [TB] of data are being parsed each week by FAIT. This, according to a recent press release, helps the platform get a 360º outlook of the trillion-dollar market, in the process aiding the execution of calculated trades based on risk diminution and early system identification strategies.

Utilizing the processing capacity of 12GHz per second, FAIT interacts with over 360,000 users daily and can analyze 1-4 days into the future to determine price movements, and identify signals for both bull, and bear seasons. FlourishingAI independently trades users’ portfolios, helping them grow their hodl [hold] tokens and promoting long-term success and wealth.

Beginner Friendly

A user-centric platform, FAIT has integrated an easy-to-use interface, therefore ensuring that newbies with little to no knowledge of the crypto and DeFi spaces can seamlessly get on board and begin utilizing the AI-driven management solution.

Protecting users from the effect of market volatility in an attempt to guarantee long-term gains, FAIT is shaping to be an all-round DeFi platform.

Flourishing upLink

Especially for first-timers, whether in the US or elsewhere in the world, getting into the DeFi space has proven to be both difficult and confusing. The influx of an array of protocols all running on different blockchains has presented a huge problem to users—constituting a barrier to entry. Moving fiat currencies, swapping tokens to BNB, and connecting to multiple decentralized wallets have all been identified as sticking points of the DeFi market.

Recognizing these problems and their effects on the usage of an AI-driven portfolio management tool like FAIT, the founding team led by CEO Eric Gonzalez has developed an independent sub-product that will deliver value to their core offering [DeFi portfolio management] and the entire crypto market—Flourishing upLink.

Currently the most advanced and easiest on-ramp in the crypto space, as described by the founding team, upLink will enable amateurs and experts alike to connect to the world of DeFi. Streamlining and speeding up the conversion of fiat to BNB, Flourishing upLink gives users access to trade on multiple exchanges  where  the AI-driven portfolio manager is integrated.

This will not only dispel the existing entry barrier but will also open up the DeFi world to millions of people, guaranteeing unlimited and unprecedented access to this crypto frontier. Flourishing upLink has been scheduled to launch on February 18,  2022. And worth noting - with the launch of upLink, the FlourishingAI token (ticker symbol $AI, trading on PancakeSwap) - becomes a true utility token. All transaction & subscription fees are converted to $AI tokens for the purpose of retiring those tokens from circulation. So while it is at a bargain price now (having been impacted - like every other token - by the down market), the token price is expected to increase rapidly as tokens are taken out of circulation and the available supply dwindles.

Combining deep learning, AI, and powerful technologies, FAIT aims at beating the market and creating positive growth in users’ portfolios. According to the CEO, FlourishingAI is cementing its position as a revolutionary DeFi solution through the launch of upLink, and will continue to introduce more products into the industry. “We’re incredibly excited, as this is the first of many products that we will be bringing to market in 2022 and beyond” —Eric Gonzalez.

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