From Sports to Crypto: the first NFT ecosystem for Athletes and Fans

From Sports to Crypto: the first NFT ecosystem for Athletes and Fans

Sports NFTs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to communities associated with sports stars, teams and leagues. A big challenge for fans is getting closer to their favorite athletes, cooperating with them, and even influencing some of their decisions. Blockchain is the vehicle for all this, and Blockasset is what blockchain looks like when it is filled with adrenaline by a fan shouting and encouraging athletes.

To connect star athletes and clubs with their fans with the help of advanced technologies, Blockasset establishes cooperation with major sports celebrities, creates a community of fans, bringing real benefits to NFTs and fan tokens. The BLOCK is the main token of the platform.

What are the benefits for athletes, fans and investors?

Blockasset offers famous athletes an effective way to launch their personal NFT collections and enhance the network effect among active users.

This model has already proven itself and brought many victories that you can be proud of. On two occasions, NFT collections broke sales records on Solana: when Giorgio Chiellini presented his set "Gladiator" in July and when NFT "Legends" dropped in the first week of November. Legends united 5 famous athletes, including Muhammad Ali and Alexander Ovechkin. All the NFTs were sold within 9 minutes, with a sale revenue of $5 million.

Fans admire the unique real benefits and rewards, such as VIP membership on Discord servers, signed merchandise, private AMAs with athletes and even face-to-face meetings. Revealing the enormous power of the "cooperation economy", Blockasset allows users to participate in leagues with athletes and influence their decisions about signing contracts and other projects. Thus, users receive an incentive to accumulate tokens for their needs and remain active in the ecosystem.

Those who want to invest in sports also get a unique set of sports assets. So, new investors are involved in the space with the anti-inflationary uniqueness inherent in NFT. The connection has become easier: users can easily purchase BLOCK for fiat. Thanks to sports platforms such as Blockasset, customers get the opportunity to exploit the potential of the emerging sector. It combines professional sports and innovations.

BLOCK: internal token with built-in utilities

BLOCK is an internal service token that provides access to all the functions of the platform. An efficient cycle increases the price of BLOCK, as users are constantly betting and using tokens.

Those who pay BLOCK in the domestic NFT market will receive significant discounts.

In addition, BLOCK is used to manage the platform, for example, to decide where the project will work in terms of functionality. Unlike universal NFT trading platforms, users can also vote on various aspects related to their favorite athletes: what kind of music they play at certain events and which NFTs they present there.

The game for earnings, another feature supported by BLOCK, will be launched in the second quarter of 2022, further increasing engagement and interaction between fans, investors and sports celebrities. The technical documentation of the project presents independent game universes and NFTs developed by specific companies and clubs under the control of Blockasset.

Increased interest in NFT for specific segments

Investors are starting to pay more attention to NFTs focused on certain segments, such as sports, music, games. These industries have potential use cases. Sports are clearly among such niches, and Solana-based projects are leading the way thanks to its transparency, and it is quite easy to use.

The community will continue to discover various ways to use the power of BLOCK through leaderboards, NFT trading and betting, a game for earnings and support for athletes' initiatives. The more cases are present, the more opportunities for sustained upward price dynamics.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this amazing project and think about taking part in the public sales of BLOCK tokens. You can find additional information on the official website and subscribe to the Blockasset account on Twitter — there is already serious hype.

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