Game Changer on Avalanche: Bold Point’s Listing Coming to Trader Joe

Step into an alternate reality where magic reigns supreme. Bold Point is the next generation decentralized gaming platform on Avalanche blockchain. Gamers have a great opportunity to acquire its native BPT token on the upcoming listing on Trader Joe.

Clashing Realities

Designed to appeal to both traditional and crypto gamers, the world of Bold Point is an alternate reality game where the lines of realities have crossed. A world where different places across the globe have merged out of order - with an ancient and powerful civilization in the midst, fighting for dominance. With different gaming modes such as:

  • Battle Mode: Fight against other players. Win battles and earn BPT.
  • Dungeon Mode: Fight hordes of monsters as you try to survive the onslaught.
  • Quests: Complete tasks in different cities and obtain resources, BPT and increase your reputation.
  • Exploration: Wander the open Bold Point world and explore the unknown. Find missions, tasks and resources to upgrade your character.
  • Crafting: Use the resources collected to create and build various items of use. Potions, weapons, armor and others.

While leveraging similar characteristics of GameFi platforms like NFTs, decentralization and Play 2 Earn (P2E), Bold Point takes everything up a notch. It offers a Free 2 Play game, where the entry barrier is lowered to near non-existence. The learning curve is made easy so players can start easy, but the highly competitive gameplay makes it harder to master - yet keeps the gamers engaged. The DAO members have a direct say in the updates related to playable characters, their skills and even the resources within the game.

The feather in the hat is the YAY ecosystem support. YAY Games is an Avalanche based game launchpad that brings games and players together in a single space. The collaboration with YAY Games means tons of benefits to Bold Point players, such as LOOT marketplace integration and the ability to tap into the YAY Loyalty Program.

Bold Point’s BPT and listing on Trader Joe

BPT drives the economy of Bold Point, acting as the medium of exchange and value within the ecosystem. For the public sale, Bold Point was supported by its long-time partner, Avalaunch, the premier IDO platform on the Avalanche blockchain. BPT IDO took place on 11th April at a discounted price of $0.0175 per token. The IDO on Avalaunch itself is an achievement since the launchpad has one of the strictest requirements for accepting token launches, an affirmation of the commitment the Bold Point team has towards its game.

The IDO has been timed to coincide with the launch of the Bold Point game itself. Immediately after the game and token launch, BPT will be publically available on the 14th, listed on Trader Joe. The listing itself will be accompanied with new farms to provide multiple incentives for BPT investors

Selecting Avalanche blockchain offers multiple benefits. The network is blazing fast with unlimited TPS, less than 2 seconds of transaction time, energy-efficient and highly secure. As such Bold Point will be able to leverage these advantages, with a game that experiences no delays and runs extremely smooth.

Living Economy

Unlike other GameFi platforms with dual or multi-currency modes that lead to a cyclic deficit, Bold Point utilizes a modified version of what is called a “living economy”. While BPT will remain the native token, YAY will also have its role. BPT will be usable by players to buy consumable items, equipment, accelerate the time required for crafting etc. BPT is acquirable through arena winnings, resources, drops, exploration and dungeon fighting mode.

On the other hand, YAY will be required for epic items in the game and buying effigies or buildings, with the token minable through special battles, tournaments and unlocking legendary achievements.

Bold Point is a game by industry veterans, creating an ecosystem that will keep players engaged with its rich storyline, customizable characters, high-quality graphics and tokenomics designed to increase in value along with the game’s demand.

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