$GGCM: gold based on blockchain technology

$GGCM: gold based on blockchain technology
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In the era of speculative crypto assets, GGCM is bringing back gold standards by creating a robust infrastructure that lets you invest without speculating. The GGCM project is integrating the value of Gold and other precious metals in the blockchain ecosystem to make it easier for people to invest.

GGCM is founded by Gold Guaranteed Coin Mining based in Mongolia. The project will also open offices in several other countries to create a seamless flow between crypto gold and metal gold.

The $GGCM coin’s value is based on the multiple aspects of gold that have made it a precious metal for millennia.

  1. It’s extremely hard to produce excessive gold at any time.
  2. It’s impossible to manufacture gold artificially.
  3. The amount of gold is finite with a steady growth limit.
  4. Gold isn’t controlled by any singular authority.
  5. Gold has been a trusted mode of currency and investment for a long time.

GGCM takes all of these qualities and improves them by adding a layer of blockchain technology to make it easier for anyone to invest in the value of gold without facing the hassle of buying physical gold.  

The GGCM project is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the leading blockchains in the web3 space. As a result, the $GGCM token follows the BEP-20 token standard making it 30-100 times cost effective and faster than Ethereum tokens (ERC-20).

The total supply of the $GGCM token is restricted to 500.000.000.000, and it’ll be released in blocks.

To further diversify ownership in the GGCM ecosystem, the project will also issue rental-NFTs. The core team remarked, “We will set a value in USD for 70% of the mining revenue of GGCM, and divide it into a certain number of shares.”

The renting period will range anywhere from 6, 12, 18, 24, to 36 months depending on the licensee’s choice.

GGCM’s Expansion to Mongolia

To minimize risk and create new sources of revenue for the investors, GGCM will expand its operations to Mongolia to get involved in real mining projects.

Mongolia has one of the world’s greatest reserves of Gold, accounting for around 80% of total exports and 25% of GDP. As a result, GGCM is actively looking to invest in gold mines and other precious metal mines to further enhance the trust in $GGCM. GGCM has collected all necessary licenses and permissions stated by the Mongolian jurisdiction to start our mining ventures.

GGCM ICO Announcement

GGCM is soon launching its ICO for early investors to get in on the project. If you want to back a project with an asset that has actual intrinsic value, here is your opportunity.

— Private Sale Price: 0.03 USDT

— Pre-Sale Price: 0.04 USDT

— IEO-1: 0.05 USDT

— IEO-2: 0.06 USDT

— IEO-3: 0.07 USDT

The ICO date was scheduled for 15/05/2022. All the necessary news are announcing on our social platforms. Follow us to keep you updated.  

We’re excited to see you!

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