Grand Goose Mansion: An Investment That Will Multiply on the Fun Ride

Grand Goose Mansion: An Investment That Will Multiply on the Fun Ride
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Investments in NFTs are most often made in the hope that the price of the artifact the NFT is pegged to - will rise. The Grand Goose Mansion (GGM) project offers a different path. You start investing with NFTs, but additionally, you get bonuses and new features that can increase your ROI by tenfold.

And it all starts with a fairy tale. Imagine that you are in a fairy tale. But not like Alice in Wonderland. No, you are invited to a fairy tale where amazingly cute and rare Hawaiian geese live. There are only a few left in the world, mostly in zoos. And in the wild, there are almost none of them. How to help and save the geese and release them into the wild? Simply join the Grand Goose Mansion. In this grand mansion, there’s a flock of geese 7777 in number that needs to be let out into the wild. You can do this by minting a goose. Each NFT is beautiful and unique though programmatically generated. But this is not only an avatar, the NFT entitles you to many bonuses and opportunities, the main of which is membership of the GGM community. The co-founders GEESEPAPPY and POLO23 are both successful entrepreneurs who are looking to build a community that will take giant strides in the metaverse, and they’re looking to start the journey through GGM.

The journey will be full of adventures and an outstanding multiplayer P2E game awaits us. Goose and Gorilla holders will be able to play online and use their tokens in the game. And what about Gorilla? It's the airdrop set to come for goose minters 60 days after but we get into that later.

The GGM roadmap consists of two parts. Launch roadmap is centered around benefiting the community. Right after 50% mint, $10,000 will go to a zoo in Hawaii to help keep geese alive and not out of extinction. As for investors, they get bonuses. If you are lucky to mint Goose #1111, #2222, #3333, #4444, #5555, #6666, #7777 - right after minting you will get 1 ETH. Then begins the revelation of the special character Goose and their utilities. Special characters will be announced on Discord before the mint. But there are already 5 geese with a special character called Money Geese. With their help, the amount of $100,000 will be drawn. Each lucky winner will get $20,000.

Roadmap 2.0 is the real deal, and it includes major milestones of the growing metaverse, where the members' income can grow 10, 100, or more times. 100% mint and reveal of the Grand Goose Mansion will be made. In order to raise the price of the tokens, promotion and marketing activities will keep ongoing. Next stop - Sweeping Campaign. Every member of the GGM flock who purchases more than 5 Geese off the floor during the Sweeping Campaign will be rewarded with a free NFT.

Later investment opportunities are being added. A new GGM collection 2.0 called the GRAND GORILLA MANSION will be launched exactly 60 days after the Goose Launch. One Gorilla NFT will be airdropped to each account that holds a Goose from the day of minting. But what is more important as for investing – the GGM team shows strong interest in new partnerships and numerous collaborations by Q3 2022. The founders point out:

- We will set up partnerships with many more exciting projects, artists, and organizations profitable for the GGM Flock.

In an investment environment, it is well-known that a strong partnership raises the value of the project and ROI.

Loaded with the business, the GGM team does not forget about entertainment for the community. By Q3 2022 the GGM Online Merch Store will be released. All the items will be available for purchase at reasonable prices to let community members stick out in a crowd.

And finally – an outstanding multiplayer P2E game with Geese and Gorillas will be launched by Q4 2022.

One more bonus: each NFT serves as a ticket to the Grand Mansion Party that will be held at the most luxurious Mansion in a world-famous city chosen by the DAO. It will be a kind of physical reunion for the community members IRL.

So GGM provides lots of possibilities and lots of events. To watch them visit and follow,, and Discord.

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