Gravis Finance announces its Public Round and an updated NFT game

Gravis Finance announces its Public Round and an updated NFT game
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Gravis Finance is a unique ecosystem that unites traditional DeFi apps with Gmart, an NFT marketplace for in-game assets, and the highly anticipated NFT game – Evervoid. Gravis Finance provides all the necessary instruments for managing your crypto assets on any chain.

With balanced tokenomics and two tokens woven seamlessly into the project, Gravis Finance strives to provide any user with maximum comfort and profitability.

What will you choose: A close orbit trip, an expedition to the nearest nebula, or a voyage to the distant horizons?

Now, Evervoid (a part of the larger Gravis Finance ecosystem) offers separate missions and resources. At the moment, the game’s logic is quite simple: you need to purchase a loot box, acquire a ship, assign a captain of your choosing (optional), and send the ship out into space to mine GRVX. In terms of in-game assets, the Gravis Finance team has strived to ensure that one resource can be used to produce another and that resources can frequently be used together. This will help curb inflation while offering a more vivid gaming experience for players, who will form new and improved strategies for earning.

To achieve this, new and existing missions alike will be united under a totally new game mechanic. The new time-management strategy mechanic challenges the player to think ahead and out of the box, testing their overall decision-making ability. The player can also react to incoming requests that occur as they play and serve them in the most effective manner to get the greatest possible rewards.

Build, Fight, Explore… and Earn!

Evervoid is planned to be released on mobile devices in Q4 of 2022, with a well-balanced economy, colorful graphics combined with a farming and crafting Ecosystem, all centered around GRVS tokens, which you can acquire at Gravis’ public round in early April. Nothing is impossible in this space-age crypto game with plenty of GRVS tokens on your balance – this token gives you advantages in gameplay activities such as accelerated construction times, access to unique buildings, new skins, elite ships, as well as discounts for other products in the Gravis Finance ecosystem. This is us just getting started!

A trailer for the game’s update is already available, so you can immerse yourself in this magnificent story right now.

The Public Round INO will take its place in early April

We’re only offering a limited number of NFTs, so be sure to get on the waiting list for the whitelist!

How can I secure my place on the Whitelist?

Gravis Finance’s team will randomly select people from the Public Round Whitelist Form:

However, you can secure a place by completing any of these conditions:

·   Submit 25 referrals via our Evervoid referral program;

·   Lock 2 500 000 GRVX for 3 months via a special contract;

·   Have one First Mate of each type in your wallet;

·   Be among the top 20 on our Evervoid Leaderboard when our Public round starts.

Public Round and conditions

There will be 3 pools where you can buy NFTs with guaranteed GRVS token allocation. The maximum amount of participation per wallet is limited to 5,000 USDT. The minimum amount required to participate is 100 USDT. To join any of the pools, you need to be a confirmed whitelist member.

We've revamped the graphics and gameplay and have switched to full 3D so that it's easier than ever to earn utility tokens with us. We believe our team has created an ecosystem that combines state-of-the-art technologies, smart NFTs, and a free-to-play P2E model that will gradually cultivate a beautifully unique community.

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