How gDEX is Creating a One Stop Solution for Gamers, Creators and Guilds Through a Single Metaverse

With GameFi valued at $40 billion, the next iteration of immersive interaction - the metaverse - is already starting to take shape. Many experts are banking on this revolution to be the biggest ever.

Yet, the trend shows that the industry is going to choke. Ironically, the decentralized industry is itself siloed as each platform works independently. Worse still, there are several different blockchains and this means players preferring one chain are cut off from even shifting to other games if these run on another chain. Then there is the problem of the game’s success. If it fails, the value of its tokens and NFTs nosedive, meaning the players are left with worthless assets.

How gDEX is Going to Save the Metaverse

Anticipating the brewing problems, the gDEX team has been developing the platform for nearly 2 years. gDEX offers a novel solution to all the problems. gDEX is a GameFi interoperability layer that offers a single point for P2E metaverse games and platforms to connect and integrate seamlessly. With its host of services such as no coding environment, NFT interoperability, modular tools and its DeFi-based P2E $GDEX token economy, the platform is not only designed to help players, game developers and guilds but create a different experience that allows sharing across the plethora of metaverses being developed. In essence, the platform is a super metaverse that acts as a connecting layer for all.

gDEX covers the three essential human elements in any GameFi or metaverse:
  • The Players: Gamers will be able to easily move from one game to another, taking along their tokens and NFTs that can be swapped or even directly used within the next game.
  • The Developers: Connect existing games or build new ones with a plethora of chain agnostic tools, SDKs, guides and a modular no-coding environment. Create interoperable NFTs and even leverage the $GDEX token for in-game economy (payments and P2E rewards) and connect with the larger gDEX community.
  • The Guilds: A cross-chain Guild Management Tool to create and manage accounts, payouts, even leverage NFT based membership. Build communities, teams and level up.

Thanks to the NFT based Metaverse Passport for all, each person, be it a gamer, a developer, guild member or even a content creator will be able to leverage and maximize their efforts and move assets and experiences across the different platforms and metaverse.

What to Expect from gDEX

To eliminate the frictions and blockades in the industry, gDEX comes with a host of different customizable tools and services that can not only help the current stakeholders but help onboard millions, perhaps billions, of non-crypto gamers, developers and guilds.

Apart from the tokenized Metaverse Passport, Guild Management Tool, no-coding environment and other tools, gDEX will also offer different services such as Community Marketplace, Staking for Access, GameFi Missions, Discovery Zones, Creator Space and much more.

Using the $GDEX token, game developers will need not worry about developing their own tokens. At the same time, the single token being used across the platforms under gDEX means that players and guilds don’t have to worry about swapping assets whenever they want to start a new game nor does its value diminish.

The Future of Metaverse

While the metaverse is still an evolving landscape, banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley already estimate that the move towards web3.0 is an untapped $8 trillion market in the making. gDEX comes at a very crucial time since if the current shortcomings and brewing issues are not dealt with, it can create difficult barriers that can stagnate the whole industry.

Unlike other solution providers that concentrate on single or a few stakeholders, gDEX’s holistic approach towards the industry as an all-encompassing one-stop solutions platform is perfectly placed to eliminate the pain points and unlock the true potential of the metaverse.

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