How ISKRA will Revolutionize the World of Blockchain Gaming

How ISKRA will Revolutionize the World of Blockchain Gaming
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According to a report on Coindesk, the number of blockchain games has doubled, and more people are beginning to love such games. With the soaring user metrics in play-to-earn blockchain games, more gaming platforms have been launched into the market. This goes to show that the future potential of blockchain gaming is huge, and the market is quite in its early stages.

Among the leading gaming projects on the blockchain, Iskra aims to redefine already existing game publishing models and ensure the power remains with game developers, players, and investors. Although the project is relatively new in the play-to-earn gaming space, the team is already taking giant strides to revolutionize blockchain gaming.

Overview of the Iskra Gaming Project

Iskra is a Web 3 gaming platform designed to allow users access to explore the thrill of play-to-earn blockchain gaming with an active community. According to Eugene Lee, the CEO and founder of Iskra revealed that they are building a community-based system that rewards users based on game participation.

Currently, the project is enjoying the support of some of the leading technology and gaming companies in Korea. One of the company's major goals is to bridge the gap in Web 3 adoption by putting together gaming thrill/enjoyment, sustainability, and up-to-date blockchain technology innovations.

The Iskra team aims to make the company more than a player in the Web 3 space. Lee and his team are building Iskra into a web 3 ecosystem for building Web 3 gaming, and every user will have a stake in the success of the project. The mission of Iskra is to become the leading community platform for blockchain gaming.


The Iskra project is designed to bring together corporations, businesses, and individuals with a shared stake in the success of the company. Everyone is happy for each other's wins within the ecosystem. Iskra aims to leverage such an active and vibrant community of users to reach a wider audience with its solutions.

The ecosystem is open to anyone and everyone.

Iskra’s blockchain integration is designed to suit everyone who enjoys Web 3 gaming. It doesn't matter the reason why you play the game or the type of game you play; Iskra offers a completely fun gaming experience to its community of users. This will undoubtedly help in attracting more users to the ecosystem.

The Reward-Play

Aside from the fact that developers, investors, and players all have a stake in the success of the Iskra platform, players also earn rewards for playing or participating in ecosystem tasks. Imagine the feeling of getting paid while you enjoy the thrill of Iskra's Web 3 gaming experience.

Notable Iskra Investors

Iskra has made giant strides in securing funding from notable Korean tech giants for a relatively new company. In the press release made public on April 5, 2022, Iskra revealed it had received a $34 million funding. The investment funding was led by Krust Universe. Other investors include the likes of WeMade, Liberty Investment, MmetaBora, Neowiz, NHN Bigfoot, and Fast Ventures.

The Chief Investment Officer of Krust Universe, Junghoon Kim, highlighted that the seasoned and experienced team of Iskra has what it takes to combine the best of blockchain and games.


With the innovative features that Eugene Lee and his team are integrating into Iskra, they are undoubtedly pioneering a disruptive gaming world. Moreover, Iskra already has the needed funding and support of notable and relevant tech giants. Therefore, the future is bright, and the world is on the lookout for what the company has in stock for the Web 3 gaming industry. You can also visit the Iskra website for more information.

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