Inery Ecosystem Offers Secure, Interoperable Infrastructure for Database management and App Deployment

Inery Ecosystem Offers Secure, Interoperable Infrastructure for Database management and App Deployment
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Data is one of the world's most valuable resources, yet vulnerable. More than 80% of the world's population exchanges data and shares information from photos to videos and documents. Every sector of the world interacts with data. The amount of data we consume every day within the last decade has skyrocketed by 5000%. It shows how critical it is to our everyday living.

Given the vast amount of data exchanged, it's necessary to have a secure database management system that stores and captures data. However, the current database management systems are strife with limitations and complications that makes data accessibility inaccessible.

X-raying the Issues with the Current Database Management System Infrastructure

The emergence of database management systems has allowed data and app stacks to be stored on a central server or location. The current database management system is centralized, making it limited in many areas. While the advent of cloud platforms has enhanced data storage, its architecture still has some disadvantages, such as poor data control, data manipulation, low privacy, etc.

In a centralized database, data is stored and maintained from a single point. An individual or a group of individuals have absolute power over the system, leaving users with no say in operating the system. Since data is stored on a single point, it becomes prone to risks of failure. Data could be wiped if the server is exploited. In addition, data privacy could be compromised.

Lack of privacy, high data traffic, and server vulnerability are some of the problems of centralized database management systems. Therefore, the call for a better data storage system has become widespread, leading to the emergence of decentralized database management systems like Inery.

Inery Adopts a Different Approach to Managing and Storing Data

Inery is the first decentralized database management system that leverages blockchain technology to store data across nodes and uses cryptography to improve security and access to data. Enterprises, businesses, firms, corporations, and individuals can leverage Inery's infrastructure to store, manage, share and access their data. Thanks to blockchain, the stored data can't be altered.

Inery is powering the web3 vision of offering a decentralized and environmentally-secure solution focused on managing data and app deployment. The ecosystem shifts the paradigm in data management and app development with a scalable infrastructure to control, manage, access data, and facilitate app deployment efficiently.

Inery blockchain was created to cater to the increasing demands of developers seeking a scalable and cross-chain network in the DeFi space. As a cross-chain compatible blockchain, Inery enables data transfer without compromising security and privacy. It uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that safeguards the network from hackers and facilitates high-speed transactions with low latency.

How Inery Differs From Other DeFi Ecosystems

Many blockchain platforms are limited in performance, energy inefficient, not scalable, and have poor governance mechanisms. Not only has the rising energy usage resulted in low performance but increased transaction costs.

Inery layer-0 blockchain solves these problems with its eco-friendly consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake and DAO governance mechanism. Stakeholders will be empowered to make quick decisions that affect the blockchain. The level of power depends on the number of stakes.

Summarily, Inery;
  1. Integrates blockchain functions with a distributed database for data management
  2. Caters to the various needs of enterprises, governments, banking institutions, etc
  3. Offers unparalleled security, speed, and low-cost database solutions
  4. Allows cross-chain data management.
  5. Offers a free backup solution for databases to protect data
  6. Allows users to access and control their data

Inery’s vision is to alter the paradigm of data management, which is what they have done so far.

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By John Williams