Introducing The Makerverse & Macroverse Epics

Introducing The Makerverse & Macroverse Epics

June 1, 2021, (TAOS, NM) — Creators, bring on your geek stuff! Macroverse, the leader in the next generation of digital comics, is bringing an all-new dimension to their platform with the launch of the first NFT comic drops known as Macroverse Epics! This is the beginning of a brand new creative community, all designed to empower story-tellers in this all-in-one creator-focused economy!

Macroverse Epics are fully fleshed out stories, like a collaborative digital omnibus, that go beyond a cover and single pages. Each comic combines the story, concept art, process work, and more, to highlight the unique aspects of the creative process of comics for the NFT collectible audience.

This new format brings the accessibility of digital media and the fun of collectability together in a unique way. Every series is custom built through a combination of story, covers, process work, audio and more, all with rare and exclusive availability to increase in value over time. This nouveau concept combines the best of Kickstarter, Patreon and Social Media, using NFT and blockchain technology to create an excellent reading experience, while showcasing artistic talent in a whole new way. Fans and collectors alike can engage with the first blockchain comics that are as fun to read as they are to collect!

The Makerverse is a creator-first expansion of the Macroverse platform, designed to be a home for artists and creators with a focus on comics, concept art, character design, gaming, storyboarding, and animation. On this platform, creators remain in control of their own work and monetization, to the degree they desire.

"I've been collecting comics since I was a kid, so bringing true rarity and collectibility to the DIGITAL world is incredibly exciting” said co-founder Eben Matthews. “What we’re doing gives everyone access to that component of what comics have always been, in a way that is unique for both creators and fans.”

Macroverse invites all interested creators and collectors to sign up for early access to the new platform at Creator onboarding will begin in June, and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Collectors who sign up prior to the official public launch will gain early access to unique collectibles and exclusives.

The addition of Macroverse Epics and The Makerverse to the platform will evolve into the ultimate place to create, distribute and build the next generation of beloved entertainment franchises and power the ecosystem around them and those that make them.

With celebrated stories already on the app such as Alien vs. Parker by comedian Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti, Phobos by Jason Brubaker, and Boondock Saints by director Troy Duffy, Macroverse will also be launching all-new Macroverse Epics featuring series from David F Walker (Bitter Root, Naomi) and Evan Shapiro (Portlandia, HarmonQuest).

Macroverse is the ultimate bridge of comics and entertainment, perfect for consumption on any digital device. The addition of collectible NFTs and a unified set of creator tools, uniquely designed for comics, will round out the platform’s offering for both creators and fans. For additional press queries, please contact Don’t Hide PR Publicity Director, Melissa Meszaros:

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