Introducing the World's First Blockchain-Based Mythical Horse Racing Game: DarleyGo

Introducing the World's First Blockchain-Based Mythical Horse Racing Game: DarleyGo
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Blockchain gaming has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times. In 2021 alone, the e-gaming subsector racked up $1.5 billion, according to Bitkraft. This statistic is, in itself, mind-blowing considering that blockchain gaming is a comparatively new entrant into the gaming space. Analysts have also predicted a sporadic growth in the blockchain gaming space in coming times.

The world of Blockchain NFT gaming keeps getting more and more exciting by the day as innovations emerge. The concept of game monetization and digital asset ownership in games has come to stay, owing to advancements in Blockchain technology and NFT adoption.

The winner of Solana's IGNITION hackathon, DarleyGo, has launched their new adventure game. This mythical-based NFT horse racing game is built on the Solana Blockchain and allows players to buy, race, collect, and breed NFT horses. Based on real-world horse myths, DarleyGo combines the fun of horseracing with imaginative game lore and turns it into an engaging, fast-paced game.

Game Storyline

In a distant Galaxy, millions of light-years away from Earth, is a planet of horses called Altair.

Three main bloodlines exist in Altair: Darley, Areo, and Hayato. Each member of a particular lineage possesses different abilities and personalities, which directly impacts how a horse performs during the race.

These horses have a tradition passed down from a thousand generations: The race, an annual competition for the title of 'Horse-Above-All-Horses. As the annual event approaches, which horse will win the famous title and bring glory to their families?

This game is special because every horse is an NFT with unique characteristics and abilities, according to its pedigree.

DarleyGo Game Modes

There are three game modes in the DarleyGo universe. They are Racing Mode, Training Mode, and Breeding Mode.

  • Racing Mode (PvP)

Racing mode is a player versus player mode. In Racing Mode, players compete against up to 12 other players in a regular or special racing event for glory and honor while earning the SPL tokens. There are six levels of racing: Griffin and Levels 1–5. All unraced horses will start from Griffin, then work their way up. Higher levels come with a bigger prize pool, but they also come with more challenges. Race events will be hosted 24/7 with world-class 3D modeling and live streaming style.

  • Trainer Mode (PvE)

Trainer Mode lets you discover more about your horse's abilities and character. Your horses are full of endless potential for you to explore. Players can level up their horses by training with NPC DarleyHorses or with other players to earn extra experience points while collecting SPL tokens.

  • Ability Badge

The game has an ability badge system that helps players understand their horses better. There are two different categories of badges: ability and character badges.

Ability badges include the horse's ability factors: Best performing distance and running style.

Character badges include factors related to the horse's character: Health, RaceTrack Adoption, and Mental Condition.

  • Breeding Mode

DarleyGo allows you to breed your own NFT horse from scratch! To be successful in the breeding industry requires a massive study of your horses' pedigree and ability, just as how it is in the real world of actual horse racing games.

Apart from generation types, pedigree and ability badges also play a significant part in the breeding design. In addition, DarleyGo introduces the "mutation probability" in the game's breeding system, which increases the possibility of producing champion horses.

  • Dual Token Mode

The DarleyGo universe makes 2 tokens available to use: the $GXE, the utility token, and the $DGE, which is the governance token.

Future Plans: Integrate with the Metaverse — Galaxy Mode

DarleyGo plans to integrate with the Metaverse and expand the player experience in the vast DarleyGo universe — from riding horses in the Galaxy, building racecourses, and interacting with other players with VR integration.




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