IXFI - Crypto Trading Platform To Become An Alternative To Banks

IXFI - Crypto Trading Platform To Become An Alternative To Banks
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At the beginning of December, IXFI launched its new crypto trading platform. The web version is currently available across the world. There are up to 500 trading coins and more than 1000 pairs available for trading. The platform provides access to crypto loans and card solutions to give users a pleasant trading experience. Cristian Andrei, the CEO and founder of IXFI, said, "My vision is to create a safe and friendly ecosystem that would facilitate trading even for the less experienced people. IXFI is all about giving people a greater choice, independence, and opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency and investment movement. We aim to encourage people to think big and open their minds regarding exchanges by creating features that all of us have been longing for."

IXFI is not just a new crypto trading platform out to take its fair share of the growing crypto market. The platform is designed to provide services as commercial banks. It is an all-in-one alternative bank solution. It is built to ensure user satisfaction, fast transactions, high liquidity, top-notch security, and no hidden charges. IXFI was started by a group of experienced entrepreneurs in the crypto and blockchain space.

IXFI Card Solutions Available in 2022

The IXFI card is multi-tiered with Point-of-Sale (PoS) enabled to serve as a complete alternative to banks. The implication is that business owners and merchants all across the globe can receive payment in crypto coins. Also, the IXFI card will be made available to other users depending on the local regulations of their place of residence.

By providing card solutions, IXFI is looking to entrench the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency further. When merchants and businesses start accepting and using crypto, it is an indication that there is a growing acceptance of these crypto-assets as a means of exchange. This will undoubtedly shake up the banking industry as more people would love a fast, transparent, cost-effective, efficient, and highly secure transaction process enabled by blockchain technology.

Future Innovative Features of IXFI Exchange

To further consolidate its position as a complete alternative to banks, the IXFI platform offers some more interesting services that are currently under development and will be available next year:

Crypto loans

Although a loan is one of the typical products of any banking or financial institution, it is but a premiere in the crypto space. IXFI exchange allows users to borrow crypto loans using their current assets as collateral. Although the collateral will be held for the loan period, they can continue to accrue interest depending on the borrower's activities. There is a wider range of crypto assets on the platform, and borrowers can immediately access the borrowed asset.

A Test-run for Newbies

The exchange is also built to allow inexperienced traders to practice how to trade before investing their hard-earned money. IXFI provides a safe "playground environment" for users to try out their trading skills. These newbie traders can access virtual currency for free and then use it to hone their skills in the market. Imagine learning how to trade using virtual currencies, all at no risk at all.

Interestingly, these inexperienced traders can generate experience points and rewards that can be used in the main IXFI exchange. You can invite your peers who have an interest in crypto trading but are afraid to commit their own money.

More features are going to be available on the exchange, such as an NFT barter exchange program, no wallet address required and a very competitive earning program. These features are currently under development and designed to provide users with the best experience in crypto trading.


Although change is constant in life, it doesn't happen in the blink of an eye. The IXFI crypto exchange platform is designed to be an alternative to banks, having a complex and user centered development roadmap for the next year.

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