Killing two birds with one stone - Animalia as Play for Free to Earn Game

Killing two birds with one stone - Animalia as Play for Free to Earn Game
Photo by Scott Webb / Unsplash

From simple cryptos to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and now gaming, blockchain technology seems to have no bounds. Offering a disruptive environment in the gaming sector that is designed to offer a financial benefit to all, including players, GameFi (Gaming Finance) is rapidly rising the ranks today with its innovative and engaging gameplay. Animalia is an upcoming decentralized gaming platform that combines NFTs, Free to Play, Play to Earn, and crypto-inspired memes in one massive crypto card trading game.

A Rich Storyline

The blockchain-based trading card game comes with a very rich and enigmatic storyline. The story starts with two titans, the Bull and the Bear engaged in an eons-long battle. Doge, the first meme token to rise, has become a force to be reckoned with and in its quest to bring balance to the fighting before all the species of the earth are destroyed, found other memes.

They have now joined forces and in their mission to survive, have stumbled upon an ancient scroll that contains secrets to different magical gemstones and precious items that can save them. Their mission is to now gather all the artifacts while deciphering the codes and riddles along the way to their salvation.

Will the memes be able to compete in this fierce battle and survive? It is up to the players to determine the fate of the memes through their wise judgment and prowess on the battlefield.

Animalia: Edutainment Through NFTs

Created by a team of game enthusiasts, Animalia infuses a familiar environment of a trading card game and blockchain that not only offers a means of learning about the crypto sphere but offers hours of entertainment while providing an opportunity to create a new income source.

Each aspect of Animalia is inspired by the crypto arena, such as the different meme animals like dogs and terminologies like whales, bulls, and bears. Throughout the game, the different terms create a rich storyline and help in understanding what they mean in the crypto world.

While players pit their NFT based characters against each other in a classical card game, there is more to this:

  • In-Game Rewards: As players win rounds, they will gain rewards and assets that will enhance their chances of winnings in the next rounds.
  • Packs: Random rare items with unique abilities are available through winning different tournaments or buying through the dedicated marketplace.
  • Trading: Buy and sell cards, weapons, and other in-game assets to make money. The more rare, the higher the price.
  • NFT Renting: Help out other players by loaning your NFT and gain a portion of their winnings as passive income.
  • Workshop: Forge rare and new NFTs. Only approved user-generated ones will be created here and will be tradable on the Animalia marketplace.
$ANIM Tokenomics

Powering the whole Animalia ecosystem is their native BEP-20 standard $ANIM token. The selection of Binance Smart Chain over others has been carefully done to ensure that players do not face slow speed or high transaction fees that are mostly associated with other larger blockchain networks. There will be a total of 87 million $ANIM minted, reflecting the number of estimated species on our planet.

Apart from acting as a medium of exchange to buy and sell on the Animalia marketplace, $ANIM token holders will have a few other advantages:

  • Staking: Supporting the Animalia ecosystem by holding on to the tokens, the $ANIM can be staked for profits. Initially, the staking rewards will be high but reduce over time as the network matures.
  • Governance: The Animalia platform will also have DAO capabilities. As such the $ANIM holders will also have the capability to propose and vote on different decisions regarding the platform and its future.

An innovative gaming platform, not only is Animalia free to play but also uses the play-to-earn model that will change the decentralized gaming industry and be one of the trendsetters in the future of NFT card trading games.

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