Kingdom Quest to launch a gaming metaverse with a “4 game — 1 token” ecosystem

Kingdom Quest to launch a gaming metaverse with a “4 game — 1 token” ecosystem
Photo by Luis Fernando Felipe Alves / Unsplash

The metaverse has blown up in late 2021 and is currently well on its way to becoming the hottest trend in the crypto industry. There are already many projects out there utilizing the metaverse to create entire digital worlds, whether for gaming, organizing virtual events and meetups, or simply for pushing the way we communicate and interact with one another to the next level.

Naturally, with the gaming industry being one of the largest ones in the world and its constant hunger for better and more advanced systems, it wasn’t surprising when game companies and projects started using the metaverse for creating blockchain-based games, and why the gaming community is rushing to welcome and try out this new tech. Especially since so many of these projects now also offer special opportunities, such as the ability to earn real money as you play.

One of the biggest upcoming opportunities of this kind lies with the project called Kingdom Quest, which is just about to launch not only its games but also an IDO.

What is Kingdom Quest about?

Kingdom Quest is a project launched in the emerging blockchain-based gaming space. The project has a huge potential in the gaming industry, but also an abundance of features and benefits that the crypto and gaming communities alike will be highly interested in. Meanwhile, the project’s long-term goal is to define a true gaming metaverse.

One unique thing that defines this project and makes it stand out from all other blockchain-based gaming projects is its “4 game - 1 token” ecosystem. What this means is that Kingdom Quest is a gaming metaverse that includes 4 casual titles. However, the project’s native cryptocurrency, the Kingdom Quest token (KGC), will be used in all of them.

This token will be the very thing powering the project, and the ability to use it everywhere in the metaverse, as well as switch NFT items and characters among games to perform specialized tasks, is unprecedented. Nothing like this has ever been done before, which makes Kingdom Quest not only highly interesting and convenient but also extremely innovative.

The project’s thinking outside of the box, and this approach — which is likely to be a new standard in a few short years — is currently the only instance where this can be done.

When are the games coming?

Kingdom Quest is about to launch its first game, called Kingdom Quest: The Beginning in Q1 2022. The game will come out after  the project’s IDO launching. This will be a puzzle-based RPG, which runs on top of blockchain technology. The game will be available for PC, Android, and iOS, with the players having the ability to own all in-game characters, items, and currencies thanks to the project’s use of NFTs.

The gameplay is quite simple. Players will be able to use a group of heroes to solve mysterious puzzles, encounter and defeat enemies, seek out valuable treasures, and alike. Now, each hero comes as an NFT with their unique attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. By using them, players can make the heroes earn experience (exp), which will allow them to level up, once they collect enough of it.

The heroes will differ not only in the mentioned attributes and strengths but also in value, which will directly depend on their rarity and class.

Now, when it comes to the first game’s play-to-earn mechanics, it will be based on ranking modality. Essentially, players can join campaign battles, expeditions, daily quests, exclusive quests, and alike. In doing so, they will be ranked by Arena, and the reward token pool will be shared by the rank that the players receive. At the same time, this mechanism will also control inflation.

After the first game comes out, the project will start working on the next three titles, including:

  • Kingdom Quest: Forgotten WaterWorld - A farming title
  • Kingdom Quest: The Vast Claudia - A MMORPG title
  • Kingdom Quest: Defense of the Adventurers - A tower defense title

Lastly, the project plans to launch a Welcome Airdrop, which will start on January 20th, 2022, and end on January 30th, 2022. After that, it will hold an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), starting on February 20rd, and after that, it will be released on Gamefi, Bunicorn, and potentially other platforms.

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