List of 5 crypto referral programs

List of 5 crypto referral programs

With the massive bull market, the crypto market is slowly growing in terms of adoption. Everyday, small chunks of people around the globe are familiarized with the crypto space after which their excitement pushes them to enter the space through exchanges. This has led to increase in affiliate programs and referrals. The aim is to bring as much traffic to crypto as possible to increase the community size. This is where referrals help by giving the entering parties good discounts or a little amount of money as a headstart on crypto exchanges for joining using the referral code.

To get access to these codes Cryptocurrencycodes has listed a number of referral programs on their platform which benefit three parties at a time:

  • The exchange that gets new users
  • The new user who gets access to the platform as well as get discounts and crypto prizes
  • The referring party who gets rewarded for bringing in new users

Below, we’ll be looking briefly into the 5 referral programs that users can use to get little sums in their wallets.


Arguably the biggest crypto exchange, Coinbase, has also introduced their referral codes and links with hopes to increase their community where people can become a part of their ecosystem of mobile and web apps, and trade with low fees. Each user who joins using this referral code gets $36 in his account as a sign up bonus after following a set of instructions. As for the referring party, for each user who enters the coinbase using the referral code and spends $100 on coinbase, the referring user gets $10 in btc.


FTX is one of the major players in the market which has made its name in derivatives and futures. Recently, FTX made news for bringing in an idea of a tokenized index fund related to wallstreet bets. This exchange has also brought in a referral program which gives each user 5% off trading fees as an invitation bonus. On the other hand, creating your own referral code helps you earn up to 40% in commissions. The affiliate earnings are paid out daily in USD in the FTX account of a user. The commission for referrals can vary from 25% to 40% depending on the amount of FTT tokens you hold in your wallet.


BlockFi has a much more interesting referral program. Each user that uses the referral code “PARTNER250” receives up to $250 btc as a bonus. The only instructions to follow to get this bonus is to sign up on BlockFi and maintain an amount in the interest savings account. The bonus varies from $15 to $250 depending upon the amount you submit in the account.


Similar to FTX, Bitfinex also gives users a discount in trading fee as a welcome bonus for using the referral code. Users can use these codes to get a 6% discount on spot and margin trading activities.

Bitfinex also provides affiliate links which help you earn up to 55% in commissions which makes this one of the best affiliate and referral programs in the list.


Like all of the above exchanges, Hong Kong-based BitForex has also publicized their invitation codes for discounts and the following perks:

  • Save trade fees
  • Discounted user services
  • FREE Bitcoin & cryptocurrency bonuses
  • New account users
  • Invite with your own referral link
  • Online discount
  • Token trading


The crypto market is growing day by day and there still are a lot of users around the world that need to enter the market. So, referrals and affiliate marketing is a very high in-demand business. Be it referring these exchanges to your friends or using these links as a part of your affiliate marketing business in your blogs, these crypto referrals help users earn big commissions and discounts.

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