Lucrosus Capital Might Be The Future of Venture Capital Investment

Lucrosus Capital Might Be The Future of Venture Capital Investment
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In the recent past, investing through venture capital was like breaking into a cult. The sector, seemingly well-known yet shrouded in secrecy with a solid capitalist air of mystique, was accessible only to the wealthy and well-connected individuals in the society. Venture capital investments require high technical knowledge and in-depth study of investment portfolios. In other words, there was no way an average Joe on the street could invest their money through venture capital firms.

However, the advent of Blockchain has changed the game. Blockchain technology has lent its decentralization concept to vanquish the bottlenecks involved in the venture capital process. This is called the Decentralized Venture Capital or DeVC. Thanks to the Blockchain, we can build a fair and equitable world by cutting out the middleman and democratizing opportunities in investment.

At the forefront of this innovative investment, the milestone is Lucrosus Capital.

Introducing Lucrosus Capital

Lucrosus Capital is the world's first gamified DeVC that provides investment opportunities to each investor on an institutional basis. Lucrosus Capital's goal is to redefine the concept of investing by implementing all of the beneficial blockchain features to venture capital.

The project's main aim is to revolutionize the world by fostering the development of the most successful blockchain projects. Keeping in mind that blockchain technology will be the next worldwide revolution, the project is poised to seek out promising cryptocurrencies and finance them through pooled investments.

Lucrosus Capital simplifies the process of investing. Unlike the traditional VC firms, everybody has equal opportunities to invest, with the whole process being transparent. The investors/holders also participate directly in governance and decision-making.

What is the $LUCA token?

Like every Blockchain-based project, a token is usually introduced and made available to holders. In the case of Lucrosus Capital, it is called the $LUCA. The $LUCA is a utility token, the core of the Lucrosus Capital. It solves problems for both individual investors and developers creating their blockchain projects. $LUCA token is created to decentralize the venture capital fund.

$LUCA token holders can participate directly and indirectly in every Lucrosus Capital investment. Directly through the Shared Allocation Program and indirectly through the Buy-Back Program.

$LUCA offers several unique features:
  1. Shared allocation program - token holders, will be able to participate in the shared allocation program and, according to their tier, acquire tokens of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital.
  2. Buy-back program - a significant part of generated profits will be used to buy back tokens from an open market, which will positively impact the $LUCA token price.
  3. Governance – holders of $LUCA will decide concerning future investments, timing of buy-backs, and many other activities.
  4. Staking – by staking $LUCA, users will increase both the voting power and the size of their allocation. Moreover, diamond hands of $LUCA will possibly receive Lucrosus airdrops.
  5. Access to highly advanced research.
  6. One-on-One access with projects' representatives.
How to buy $LUCA tokens

Currently, Lucrosus Capital is conducting the first round of funding - private sale. January 17, 2022, there will be a Public Sale launch that will be conducted on a dedicated section of their website. The Public Sale will be divided into 100 phases. The price of the token increases with each subsequent phase, so if you would like to buy it, it is better to do it earlier.


Lucrosus Capital has emerged to disrupt the investment process, making it more accessible, transparent, and profitable to its investors/holders. It is advisable to key into this innovative project and advance the cause of Blockchain innovations while making great returns on your investment.

For the $LUCA Public Sale, you can sign up now:, and be one of the first to buy!

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