MappedSwap, an On-Chain Cross-Trading Swapping Exchange on Eurus Blockchain, Will Conduct Two Campaigns from Mid-April 2022

MappedSwap protocol, a decentralized, liquid, on-chain cross-margin swap exchange on the high-performance Eurus blockchain, will conduct two campaigns for user engagement from April 13, 2022, to May 12, 2022.

The MappedSwap Protocol Campaigns

According to a recent announcement, the objective of the engagement is to draw users to the liquid and high leverage cross-trading protocol.

Towards that end, the swapping platform will distribute 600,000 MST tokens to participants in the first campaign. MST is the native token of the protocol anchored on the Eurus low-fee and highly scalable blockchain. As a requirement in the first campaign, users must join, like, retweet their promotion tweet, and tag three friends. After that, participants would also have to watch MappedSwap's YouTube video and find their mystery code. Once they successfully complete these two simple tasks, winners will be notified via Telegram and receive 12 MST after 24 hours of verification time.

The second campaign will be a trading contest where the protocol has set aside 200,000 MST as a pool prize for active traders. As a first step, a user in this campaign has to share the referral code on Twitter. This decision is tactical because the swapping protocol has a referral program allowing traders to invite their friends and family to trade. As compensation, fees earned from their activities are rewarded to the referring trader. Typical of a referral program, the more a user refers to other traders and conversion rates are high, the more the rebates.

Afterward, to stand a chance to win, they have to trade actively and maintain their stand on the leaderboard to win a portion of the 200,000 MST prize pool. They have to keep a trade figure above $1k in value. At the same time, they have to trade and maintain a Profit and Loss statement at $10k in value.

High liquidity and Low Fees

Overall, the campaign is lucrative since the protocol approximates the spot rate of each MST in circulation to be around $1. Therefore, participants who engage in the first campaign, winning 12 MST by completing the program's requirements, can translate their earnings to $12. Furthermore, users can leverage their 10x margin trading function to boost trading and other earning possibilities through their referral program.

However, most importantly, the protocol is confident that its trading platform is a cut above the rest. The MappedSwap protocol boasts of high liquidity in the Eurus blockchain of up to $6 billion, which goes a long way in guaranteeing low slippage rates from an underlying platform where transactions are confirmed after two seconds. In the last 24 hours, the exchange has netted over $6.7 billion in liquidity and registered over $135 million in trading volumes. During this period, the protocol generated $406.3k in fees.

The Eurus Blockchain

The Eurus blockchain is based on Hyperledger technology, explaining its high flexibility. The network is flexible, scalable, and resolves most of the pain points in Ethereum, all while remaining EVM-compatible. By developing on the Eurus network, MappedSwap has high capital efficiency enabling up to 10X leverage in a decentralized, high throughput environment. At the same time, the trading protocol is secure with a fast transaction settlement time.

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