Meta Lion Circle launching the first set of its 3 collections of 3D 4K collectibles

Meta Lion Circle launching the first set of its 3 collections of 3D 4K collectibles
Photo by Mike Holford / Unsplash

When NFTs are mentioned, one may think it only refers to a set of digital assets or some art with futuristic values. While the above is not entirely false, Non-Fungible-Tokens have diversified into unimaginable life-changing projects over the past year, repositioning the future of NFTs.

However, among the numerous meaningful NFT projects onboard, Meta Lion Circle (MLC) is one of those that will shape the future of the NFT industry. Having acknowledged the challenges faced by an NFT ecosystem and standing on the fundamentals of transparency, traceability, and accountability, MLC is launching the first set of its three collections in September.

The Meta Lion Circle is story and community driven, building a self-sustaining high profile NFT ecosystem.

Meta Lion Circle's 3D Art

The Meta Lion Circle, living on the Ethereum blockchain, consists of 9,999 unique 3D 4K full size rendered digital artworks. These 9,999 unique NFTs are split into three exclusive sets of 3,333 each.

The first collection, The Meta Lions, is the most elaborated 3D art actually available consisting of 3,333 one-of-a-kind 3D, high-poly, full-size 4K Meta Lions which will be your exclusive access key into Meta Lion Circle's High Profile Ecosystem.

Meta Lion Circle's 2D FREE PFPs

Launching in August, MLC has developed a generator for its free dynamic PFPs, integrating double-rarity, optional skills and trait-swap ready. Future holders can build their own versions of their MLC PFPs.

Amongst the NFT projects live on the blockchain, MCL's product is arguably setting the pace; it doubles as an 'economic' product that connects with the digital space while still addressing real-life issues.

Meta Lion Circle’s Core Values

In addressing real-life problems, Meta Lion Circle's mission is simple – climate action, endangered species preservation, conservation of their ecosystem and maximizing brand value.

Winner of the Sustainable NFT Award 2022, on 23rd February 2022, MLC became the first CO2 negative blockchain ecosystem, registered through certified UNFCCC offsetting. MLC proudly leads the NFTs industry on the roadmap to mitigate CO2 emissions.

MLC is the creator of the CO2CNFT™, which is a trustless, transparent and traceable way for projects to offset their CO2 emissions. An anti-fraud mechanism is in place to prevent fraud and double-counting of carbon credits.

The Circle

Holders are not just customers but investors; they are members of the ‘Circle.’ Therefore, the team aims to offer the best services to maximize the brand’s value. This is achieved through various strategies, including 100% of the secondary sale royalties back to the community vault, staking, income generation streams, seed investments in certified renewable energy projects, … and many more.

Circle Access and Rewards

The team has incorporated a range of limited and unique access and reward systems, exclusively for all collections. They include the Diamond and Gold Mint Pass which enables free mints as well as pre-sale access to all collections and doubles as token multiplier. Holders are also guaranteed fractionalized land ownership, 10% - 50% discount on bookings as well as returns generated from the MLC lodge.

Strategic Partners

In a bid to offer the best experience to our esteemed investors and holders, MLC has teamed up with:

Vuyani Safari Lodge: Bernard Koppes, owner and manager of the Vuyani Safari Lodges owns South Africa's largest private held natural game reserve. MLC is partnering with Bernard to sustain his efforts in preserving the game reserve. More so, MLC will build a luxury lodge for all NFT holders in the just acquired plots of land.

ImpactScope: Based in Geneva and in the business of providing CO2 offsetting solutions to the crypto industry. ImpactScope is helping MLC to get its natural game reserve certified as an offsetting project. Once certified, MLC will share returns from the sales of the generated CO2 credits among all its holders. The significance of this partnership is that all ImpactScope allies pass through a strict monitoring process by the global top carbon certification bodies like UNFCCC, Gold Standard, Verra, etc.

Fancircles: Is a top Community App that provides unique content to NFT collectors. Unlike Discord, it offers the ‘Circle’ the luxury of saving time while experiencing a high-level multimedia VIP club.

Meta Lion Circle has also partnered with DiscordDoc to ensure subscribers experience the best services in its discord server, which has been audited for all safety and security protocols.


The Meta Lion Circle is not only about NFTs or CO2 emissions; they also have a never seen before unique NFT trading and analytics toolkit in development as well as an Artist Launchpad. Their CO2CNFT™ is currently a pending trademark. They are seriously working to establish their 4-layered community structure, which includes FMNFTS (Full Managed NFT Service) - The App – The Forum – The Discord. Final act will be the conversion to a community DAO that will enable the community to govern the ecosystem. Meta Lion Circle is redefining the concept of NFTs and making a meaningful impact to protect the environment and its endangered animals.

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