Metaverse In Real Estate: Investment Opportunity Not To Be Missed In 2022

Metaverse In Real Estate: Investment Opportunity Not To Be Missed In 2022
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It is no longer a story of the future, metaverse is now a real deal in the investment world. After the initial success, investors are putting higher expectations in this promising land.

Trading peaks of metaverse have built a strong foundation for other stages of tokenization developments. Without keeping a close eye on this trend, you will miss great opportunities in such a potential investment environment. Same story has happened to Sandbox and Decentraland.

Metaverse real estate – a real deal of the present

Sandbox is a blockchain gaming platform that allows players to build a virtual world using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. The SAND token is the native token of Sandbox, used for all transactions and interactions in the game. Sandbox's market capitalization has now reached nearly $2.7 billion (according to

This platform has had three sales with the lowest price in the Seed Sale round of $0.0036 per SAND. After that, Sandbox has cooperated and received investment from more than 165 famous brands such as The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, Care Bears, CertiK, Solidified, Adidas etc. Recently, Sandbox received an investment of $93 million from Softbank, contributing to the peak of the SAND at $8.4 per token on November 25, 2021, which was 2,300 times higher than the price in the Seed Sale round.

Similar story with Decentraland platform, which has also established great breakthroughs. This is a metaverse that allows users to trade real estate as NFTs via the MANA cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of this platform has reached more than $3.5 billion (according to

In 2017, the ICO price of MANA reached $0.024 per token. The highest recorded price of a MANA is $5.85, which is 2,400 times higher than the ICO price.

A momentum for the blooming era

Despite the market difficulties and the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of tokens as SAND or MANA often soar when a related news is released. This shows investors’ high interest in the metaverse.

At the Connect virtual and augmented reality conference in October 2021, Facebook made a surprise move of changing the company name to Meta. “We believe the metaverse will be the successor to the mobile internet,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg. At that time, the price of a MANA was below $0.77 and a SAND was $0.81. After the announcement of Facebook, these two cryptocurrencies witnessed a big jump in their prices when MANA reached its peak at $3 and SAND increased to $2.83.

All eyes of the "big names" in manufacturing, service and financial industries are on metaverse. The year of 2022 will be a blooming season of projects in this promised field.

Aint no such a thing as regrets for investors

Witnessing the development of the metaverse and “unicorns” as MANA, SAND, etc., many investors will regret not entering these platforms from the first days of the crypto dawn.

In the meantime, real estate is currently attracting the global biggest investments, and it suits the metaverse mechanism. One of the most noticeable property metaverses is Realbox City from Realbox.

This platform not only makes it easier for investors to buy, sell, exchange and control their properties through the REB cryptocurrency, it also optimizes user features such as offering metaverse investment that is backed by real physical assets. All founders of Realbox have great influences and successful stories in the real estate industry. Projects on Realbox have been prudentely selected and controlled to mitigate risks and increase profits for investors.

Thanks to its smart roadmap, fine tuned features and also support from many reputable agencies and partners in real estate, Realbox is expected to become the next “unicorn”.

There ain’t no such a thing as regrets for investors, and those who missed the initial opportunities for SAND and MANA can find other chances with reputable new platforms as Realbox.

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