Monster Molecules Utility NFTs will Shape the Multi-Billion Education and Training Sector

Monster Molecules Utility NFTs will Shape the Multi-Billion Education and Training Sector
Photo by Terry Vlisidis / Unsplash

To get a hold of a CryptoPunk or a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT, you might have to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. It shows that NFTs, despite being a comparatively nascent technology, are here to stay. Gone are the days when critics threw salvos that digital art and NFTs were a passing cloud, a fad.

If anything, the NFTs market is worth billions. In 2021, the cumulative NFT trading volumes rose to over $40 billion. In 2022, that number could rise to triple digits, considering the maturing market and the ever-evolving NFTs and crypto market.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are projected to be permanent fixtures in the metaverse scene. It is a high-octane market that analysts from Bank of America and JP Morgan forecast would swell to over $1 trillion in years to come.

Why Utility NFTs are the Future

The beauty in NFTs lies, like early adopters of Bitcoin, in its value and, increasingly, how NFTs are being intertwined in gaming, social media communication, the Metaverse, and mostly DeFi as valuable utilities.

An NFT is a utility if the token draws extra benefits besides holding. Emerging scenes like GameFi and SocialFi sufficiently demonstrate that NFTs transcend art. Instead, because NFTs are nothing more than digital tokens compliant with a different standard without losing the properties inherited from the underlying blockchain like transparency, immutability, and security, they can be seamlessly integrated into multi-billion industries.

For this precise reason, utility NFTs have a bright future and could potentially command billions.

What is the Monster Molecules NFT Collection?

Monster Molecules by Monster Molecules Research Lab (MMRL) is an NFT collection of 5,555 unique molecules from a genesis clan growing stronger and volatile with a mission to make the Metaverse a better place.

Each monster is derived from glucose’s energy molecule. Like how glucose plays a vital role in humanity, each monster molecule provides revolutionary functions and utilities to the rapidly expanding NFTs world and, eventually, the Metaverse.

Monster Molecules Rarity

MMRL is releasing Monster Molecules with two rarity levels—Trait Rarity (TR) and Asset Rarity (AR).

The Trait Rarity measures the rate of occurrence of each property. On the other hand, the Asset Rarity describes the total rarity score of the listed asset. This metric allows molecules to be compared and ranked horizontally.

The rarity of each monster is calculated based on trait categories like body, weapon, head, skin, mouth, clothes, and even background. The rarer a monster is, the more valuable it is in the genesis clan and can fetch more in external marketplaces.

The "Laser Beam" monsters are some of the rarest monsters in the Monster Molecules collection. There will only be 267 of them.

Monster Molecules NFTs Utility in Education

While most projects focus on minting utility NFTs in gaming and DeFi, Monster Molecules NFTs will find immense application in education and training.

Interestingly, education and training are a vital multi-billion industry that surprisingly lags in the technology adoption curve. Accordingly, the MMRL team calls on the community to always accumulate NFTs that have real-world utilities and are backed by a strong community. Already, the Monster Molecules community is rapidly growing and vibrant.

Its holders can use their assets to access the Metaverse, prepare for exams, that is, for holders pursuing professional certifications-- and even training. By providing education as a utility, Monster Molecules holders can access top learning portals providing courses from various universities and organizations.

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