Mythical-based NFT platform, DarleyGo successfully completes its Genesis offering in 30 seconds

Mythical-based NFT platform, DarleyGo successfully completes its Genesis offering in 30 seconds
Photo by Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Mythical-based horse racing NFT platform, DarleyGo successfully completed the first sale of its genesis collection of NFTs on January 23, 2021. The public sale was launched on Magic Eden, an NFT launchpad, offering a total of 3,800 Genesis NFT Cards. Holders of the Genesis Cards will be able to redeem for 1 Genesis Horse on the DarleyGo platform.

According to DarleyGo’s Offical Twitter account, there will be a total of 33,000 DarleyGo NFTs, which will be distributed over the next five years. The first sale of 3,800 NFT Genesis Cards was completed in 30 seconds, showing there’s a huge demand for the assets.

The Genesis Cards will be built in line with three bloodlines namely Darley, Areo, and Hayato. Each bloodline and horse has a unique ability that can be discovered in the Training Mode. Owning a Horse will allow the holder access to the DarleyGo Kavaia Galaxy, where all of the gameplay takes place. Players are able to train, breed, and race their horses to improve their attributes.

Built on Solana, the DarleyGo NFT platform aims to reduce the cost of transactions, minting, and increase the speed of transactions in comparison to Ethereum-based NFTs. The play-to-earn platform allows players to use NFT horses to play in a variety of game modes, including racing (PvP), training, breeding, and other exciting gameplay options.

Buyers who purchased the Genesis Cards will have a ticket to be one of the first players to mint in the Genesis Horse NFT drop. It also enables players to claim a one-of-a-kind Genesis Horse NFT drop and future exclusive NFT drops on the DarleyGo platform.

The platform has announced the future distribution plan of DarleyGo Horse NFTs will take place within the next five years, from the Genesis Cards NFT drop on January 23. The total supply of the 33,000 NFTs will be split across the three horse bloodlines - Darley (10%), Areo (30%), and Hayato (60%). The less the amount of NFTs the more rare and unique they will be, the statement further reads.

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