Next-gen Sustainable Move2Earn Project, Motearn is Here to Solve Existing Market Problems

Next-gen Sustainable Move2Earn Project, Motearn is Here to Solve Existing Market Problems
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Developments in the web 3.0 and blockchain spaces opened up many opportunities for various industries. Thanks to smart contracts and advanced technology, we've seen NFTs move from the profile picture [PFP] styled era to a more interactive, utility-focused one, birthing the play-to-earn [P2E] gaming market and the introduction of tradable in-game assets. As more technologies are espoused in these nascent spaces, we've equally witnessed the creation of a similar model, the Move2Earn [M2E] system, where users receive rewards for undertaking physical, real-life activities.

As the M2E market continues to grow in value and interest globally, it faces a few stumbling blocks, some of which, as experts claim, have halted its potential growth. The absence of suitable tracking technology and a sustainable reward economy poses a considerable threat to this market. While a few M2E-based projects like Stepn—one of the prominent platforms—claim to address these sticking points, they have failed woefully. Recently, the famous M2E project was a victim of multiple DDOS attacks after an anti-cheating upgrade, further proof of its inability to provide users with either a secure platform or accurately track users’ activities.

Is there a solution? Absolutely!

The Motearn platform, a product of Embry Tech—a VC-backed, wearable technology start-up in the gamified wellness industry—was built to address these problems and lead the M2E market to greater heights.

The Next-gen Move2Earn Project—Motearn

Described as the next-generation M2E platform, Motearn is a result of over four years of extensive research in the fitness, wellness, and health industry. As a revolutionary platform in the tech space, Motearn does not only aim to dispel all existing M2E problems; it takes things up a notch by taking salient measures to onboard more people into the industry.

The Motearn team understands the impact daily motivation plays in the fitness industry. Now, while regular, intentional exercise and proper dieting promise a healthier and longer life, it doesn't motivate people as it is only a long-term benefit. Motearn rewards you instantly for engaging in physical activities. While most M2E projects offer this exact feature, Motearn requires you, as a user, to carry out physical, real-life activities to earn rewards.

Motearn is Built on the Principles of Reliability, Privacy, and Transparency

Motearn is not just another M2E project—it is introducing a wellness ecosystem based on the unique principles of transparency, privacy, and reliability. The next-gen M2E platform will pioneer a wellness system where movements in the physical and digital spaces reward well-being in real life. As a state-of-the-art platform, Motearn has created a particular category of IRL NFTs—ctNFTs [Connected Tangible NFTs]. Holders can seamlessly connect any available smart wearable to their ctNFTs, subsequently unlocking more earning capabilities and utility power.

Motearn’s connected tangible device—Embry Smart Insoles—which has high activity tracking accuracy and efficiency, distinguishes the nascent M2E platform from others.

Divergent from all the other M2E projects, Motearn is creating a world where you earn rewards for actually performing real-life activities. Therefore, to earn $EMETs [Embry Move2Earn Tokens]/$MOTs, users must engage in any real-life physical activity. Additionally, you lose some of your earnings for 3 consecutive inactive days

A Sustainable Reward Economy

Insurance companies, governments, NGOs, and employers spend billions of dollars annually treating health issues caused by a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. Motearn, as a next-generation, revolutionary platform, will get in touch with these stakeholders and get them to pay for users’ rewards on its platform as a proactive, early-stage approach to abating future health challenges. Besides delivering an adequate project capable of tracking users’ real-life activities, Motearn also introduces a sustainable reward system—dispelling the existing M2E problems.

To attract these parties or stakeholders to the ecosystem, the Motearn team delivers data-backed statistics. As part of its plans to be a genuinely reliable project, the first of its kind, Motearn integrates an active tracking device based on the Proof-of-Walk technology from Embry Tech. Additionally, Motearn hopes to guarantee privacy and transparency, hence the introduction of a non-GPS technology for privacy and an unfakeable system.

With all of these fantastic features and groundbreaking technologies, Motearn is positioning itself at the forefront of the emerging M2E market and setting it on the path of mass adoption.

Motearn will be minting its collection of 3210 IRL/NFT shoes in six batches at 2 week intervals, with the first batch starting on 15th SEP 9:00 PM UTC with a supply of 500 NFTs.

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