OneButton NFTs Available for Minting, OBT Lists on Singapore-based Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinstore

OneButton NFTs Available for Minting, OBT Lists on Singapore-based Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinstore
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OneButtonBot NFTs are now available for minting, a press release on January 12 indicates.

With the wild popularity of NFTs, OneButton is hopping onto the bandwagon and has released digital assets that they describe as the "last collection" that holders would even need. Users who acquire the limited-edition OneButtonBot NFTs will access what the development team said is one of the most advanced AI trading technologies leveraged by over 5k cryptocurrency traders across the globe.

Available NFTs are tied to services offered by the AI-reliant trading platform, including bots, access to competitions, received discounts on fees, and other exclusive benefits for ownership. Thus far, there are 106 OneButtonBot NFTs, and 893 others have been minted for a total of 999 NFTs.

OneButtonBot NFTs Details

OneButton, which helps cryptocurrency traders make profits using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-driven bots, is leveraging the high throughput, low-fee, and scalable Solana blockchain to mint its NFTs. Each asset is available for 0.3 SOL, and its presale started on January 6.

Of note, OneButton reserved 700 OneButtonBot NFTs to whitelisted members. These assets were auctioned and sold during its private sale only accessible to approved buyers. Those who didn't register gained access 48 hours after the private sale, bidding for the remaining NFTs. In total, there will be999 unique NFTs, all of which would be integrated with the OneButton platform, serving as skins to the portal's best performing AI bots in Performer, Clipper, Horizon, Endeavour, and Astral. These skins range in color, texture, and tone, crafted from precious and rare metals like gold and emerald collected from the Solana dust, giving them different rarity levels—thus value. There are five categories of rarity ranging from Common to Legendary—which is the rarest and most powerful.

NFT collectors who want to purchase NFTs must acquire SOL before transferring them to Solana-compatible browser wallets like the Phantom Wallet. OneButton has listed several reliable cryptocurrency exchanges listing the highly liquid cryptocurrencies. Already, due to its flexibility offered mainly by its 50k TPS, NFT minting is comparatively cheaper, subsequently driving the valuation of SOL. As of mid-January 2022, SOL is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies with a slot in the top-10, details from coin trackers reveal.

OBT Official Listing on Singapore-based Exchange, Coinstore

Coinciding with the ongoing OneButtonBot NFT mint is the official listing of OBT, the native currency of the OneButton platform, on Coinstore. It is the first time the BEP-20 OBT token finds support in a centralized exchange and sets the pace for even more CEXes listing in the future. As announced on January 12, OBT has been paired with USDT—the most liquid and multi-chain stablecoin. The Singapore-based Coinstore cryptocurrency exchange is regulated and one of the most liquid ramps drawing over $400 million in average daily trading volumes.

By listing on Coinstore, it also becomes incredibly more effortless for users to acquire OneButtonBot NFTs on Solana. All NFTs can be purchased using OBT since the platform wants to make the token central to its operations fully. Every aspect of the AI-powered cryptocurrency trading portal will be tied to the OBT token in the course of the year. Ahead of this transition, it explains the high demand around OBT and why it sold out in less than 13 minutes, helping raise the project $200k during its IDO in late October 2021 before listing on PancakeSwap—the largest DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.

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