Pethereum Metaverse: Play-to-Earn With Free NFT Pets And No Paywalls

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do you know the answer? Just a moment! There is no need to waste time on useless considerations and all those scientific ramblings. You will be able to control and watch the processes from the moment of fusion to egg hatching. And this is just one ounce of the play-to-earn Pethereum game featuring adorable NFT pets.

Once Upon A Time In Turkey

They say that there is a great team behind every success. That’s true. The creators of the Pethereum metaverse have been travelling along a bright path of glory from an unknown Ankara-based start-up to a successful company with world-known mobile game products. In 2021 Loop Games sold the most known Match 3D and Match Tile 3D to Applovin. Then $100M was invested into a new blockchain-based game platform called Pethereum.

Nowadays play-to-earn blockchain-based games are becoming more and more popular because all the involved people can gain profit. Loop Games has got both experience and prior achievements in the mobile gaming industry. In this regard they are going to scale the loftiest heights of the blockchain industry as well.

How It Works With Pets

There are 13.2 billion amazing pets in the Pethereum metaverse. Each pet is a blockchain-based NFT. The uniqueness is achieved by ten separate physical features with a certain set of variations. Pets can participate in diverse games and earn in-game crystals. These crystals can be used to purchase new eggs for hatching rarer pets. Two common pets can be fused together to generate a new rarer pet.

How To Earn With Pets

A player starts off the game with one egg containing an NFT pet for free. Such a pet is randomly generated with an attributed rarity. There are three ways to earn income in Pethereum. A player can sell pets for $PETH tokens in the marketplace or use pets in various tournaments to win $PETH tokens directly. Also users can stake their NFT pets and thus earn $PETH. The amount of earnings depends on pets’ rarity.

Closed Alpha Version Is Just Around The Corner

The Alpha version of the Pethereum game platform features only one game. It is going to be launched at the beginning of April. Later there will be ten games in the metaverse. New games will be gradually added afterwards. Applicants are welcome to apply for a limited access to the game environment before the $PETH token sale. Visit to get more information on the Pethereum metaverse. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Which came first, the phoenix or the flame? Do you know the answer? Loop Games is a company that succeeded in finding its own path in the swamps of the mobile gaming industry. Now it is going to cut through the deep forest of blockchain technologies. The sparky team with quite an outstanding history behind is going to create a sustainable metaverse with NFT and play-to-earn dynamics. These enthusiastic experts shall breathe new life into the whole field. May the Force be with them.

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