Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) to Drop 10k Algorithmically Generated Bear NFTs

Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) to Drop 10k Algorithmically Generated Bear NFTs
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There are NFT flippers driven by their capitalistic goals of making money. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. After all, NFTs are more of a link between the physical and the digital, enabling artists to showcase their skills. While artists can freely mint and sell pieces to the highest bidder for profit, there is also another face to NFTs.

Just like NFTs exploded out of the blue this year, the same vehicle can be used as an excellent fundraising tool for an organization focused on charity and the advancement of welfare causes. Depending on the selected organizations’ objectives, their immediate goals could be to alleviate poverty and general suffering, etc. PACT will not only focus on improving animal welfare and giving animals second chances, their hope is to change welfare in general.

Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) Has An NFT Plan

Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) is an animal shelter in South Africa. It is made up of a women-led team that is passionate about animal welfare. The three women guiding PACT are Candice Chetty, Deshnee Govender, and Neeri Naidoo.

PACT started in March of 2012 and has been operating for 9 years. The core mandate of PACT is to rescue, sterilize, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, neglected, stray, and abandoned animals.

With no external funding, these women rely on donations from the public but are now turning to the capabilities of NFTs to raise funds. Their inspiration lies in a dog named Bear, who got a second chance at PACT. Although she has no eyes and is currently fighting cancer, Bear remains strong and resilient.

PACT plans to mint 10k algorithmically generated Bear NFTs to capture her essence, selling them to the "bold and brave" who want to directly support their cause.

The Bear Necessities Sanctuary to mint 10k algorithmically generated Bear NFTs

Under the Bear Necessities Sanctuary, PACT is rolling out a new model they hope will be adopted by other NGOs and NPOs to create sustainability within their causes.

Despite their goals of rescuing, sterilizing, and finding safe homes for abused and neglected animals, organizations such as PACT find themselves marginalized and do not receive financial support from Governments or Corporates.

The NFT model used under the Bear Necessities Sanctuary leverages the benefits of the blockchain to make funding access easier. They hope that the success of the Bear NFT drop will spur similar organizations in South Africa and beyond to use their model. From every purchased Bear NFT funds will support animal welfare.

At the moment, the Bear Necessities Sanctuary Project will be rolled out in four phases. Some of the milestones done in the first phase include their website launch. Their immediate plan is their launch of the minting dApp preceding the Bear NFT drop.

Afterward, Bear NFTs will list on OpenSea—the world's largest NFT marketplace for assets minted on Ethereum. In the second phase under their "Treasure" Map, Bear NFT holders will be given first access to upcoming projects before being capped by the Public Sector and Bear Buddies NFT drop.

Decentralizing Public Sector Data and Apps, Exploring the Metaverse

During their Public Sector NFT drop, the team's primary objective is to move e-Government to the blockchain for better decentralized public sector data and application. By doing this, the team expects faster communication between public sector applications. In turn, there will be higher efficiency, better controls, and, most importantly, diversification.

Eventually, the minter plans to release a public sector blockchain and a digital payment wallet before further exploring the metaverse. Here Bear Necessities plans to launch Bear Buddies—a virtual adoption interactive game on the metaverse.

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