POODL Token Announces Opening of Its NFT Minting Phase

POODL Token Announces Opening of Its NFT Minting Phase
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POODL Token is proud to announce the opening of its NFT minting phase. This next step upgrades POODL’s existing ecosystem, providing community holders with competitive rewards and additional utility through hand-worked 2D digital art and metaverse-enabled assets. The NFT minting brings another option for holders that supplements POODL’s existing 3D augmented reality NFT collection.

When someone mints an NFT, they turn digital data into crypto collections of virtual assets listed on the blockchain. This recent trend has gone viral in the crypto market, with POODL positioning itself as a leader in the space.

The Appeal of Innovative NFT Rewards

The POODL Players 2D NFTs are a collection of 2000 individual 1-for-1 hand drawn digital art pieces, with an opening minting price of only .25 BNB. Each NFT shares a portion of a 250 BNB rewards pool paid back to the owners in either 1X, 3X, or 5X amounts. 5X NFT mints also include a black POODL Lamborghini for exclusive use in the LakeView Meta metaverse. Additionally, all NFTs are entered into a monthly drawing for 5B POODL tokens for the first year.

To mint, users simply navigate to the dedicated POODL Players web page, connect their MetaMask wallet, and select the number of NFTs to mint. All new minting’s are completely original one-of-a-kinds, with unique accessories, glasses, shirts, and backgrounds. Once minted, holders may buy or sell their NFTs on the verified Tofu NFT POODL Players marketplace.

The POODL Token team is continuing to add additional utilities and use cases for their NFT holders through strategic partnerships.

POODL AR Pets 3D NFT Collection

POODL has already gathered experience in the NFT world since the project’s successful $POODL AR Pets 3D NFT collection went live on OpenSea in early 2022.

The augmented reality functionality allows holders to use their NFTs in the real world through their downloadable AR App or smartphone camera integration.  While doing so, they can place these NFTs anywhere in the real world. This app is already on Google Play and will be available soon on the iOS AppStore.

Soon, holders will be able to use their NFTs through various metaverse partnerships, and even collect passive income. NFT holders will be able to pin their digital assets in a future version of the platform. Updates will bring new features, such as animations and NFT interactions.


POODL came to the market with a proprietary BEP20 token and a set of exciting NFT ideas. The project’s exclusive rewards for its NFT utility holders are one of the features catching the investors’ attention.

The project’s NFT minting phase is live; anyone can join it through a crypto wallet, such as Trustwallet or MetaMask. It certainly does not happen every day to have the chance to drive a Lamborghini in the metaverse. In this context, POODL’s fans are excitedly gathering around the project.

More details about this new project are available on its website and social pages below.

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