Putting the Entire Sports World into the Metaverse, the Cudos and UFF Vision

Putting the Entire Sports World into the Metaverse, the Cudos and UFF Vision
Photo by Alexander Redl / Unsplash

A sports-based NFT ecosystem, UFF, in a recent partnership with Cudos is seeking to place the entire sports world into the metaverse. Built on the Zilliqa blockchain—a powerful, low-cost, and highly scalable network—UFF aims at putting the sports world—the past, present, and future—onto the potentially replete blockchain technology as virtual assets.

With non-fungible tokens [NFTs], the budding crypto trend experiencing an exponential increase in interest and popularity, thanks to the influx of projects and celebrities into the billion-dollar market, UFF will try to provide an ecosystem for athletes to kickstart a digital career based on virtual versions of themselves.

Sauntering an untraversed path, UFF seeks to give athletes revenue-generating schemes like crypto financing, fantasy sports, gaming, and a plethora of metaverse opportunities. These features, according to a recent press release, will enable fans to interact and invest in some of their favorite athletes within the ecosystem now and in the years to come.

That's not all, UFF will allow users to interact with athletes that have passed away, giving these fans good memories of their once beloved athletes. Introducing a purchase facet, fans can operate sports franchises that function much like in the real world. Speaking to reporters about this project, the UFF team believes their partnership with Zilliqa, a growing list of famous athletes, and the Cudos team will make them one of the greatest forces in the booming sports industry.

Partnership with Cudos

A layer one blockchain network and a layer two Oracle and computation network, Cudos was designed to facilitate permissionless access to a high level of computing. This partnership with UFF will see the blockchain protocol build the infrastructure, provide necessary innovation and advice as well as connect UFF to their global ecosystem. At the onset, the consortium was for UFF Sports to leverage Cudos’ decentralized computing network to provide the former with a sustainable, and reliable compute power and guarantee that their ecosystem is safe from all forms of vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the UFF Sports team will have a large investment of CUDOS tokens and, per the aforementioned press release, will be running a node dedicated to the sports-based NFT ecosystem.

Under this agreement, Cudos and UFF Sports will work together to create a sports metaverse that will incorporate NFTs, delivering a world where fans, athletes, and franchise owners can grow and profit. Dubbed as a global initiative, the project will run on the Cudos blockchain and will be integrated into the UFF platform. While there are more plans underway, users can expect NFTs, cryptocurrencies, modernized stadiums and sports centers,

According to the press release, the UFF Sports team describes Cudos as the “perfect partner” to ease their entry into the metaverse world.

Cudos provides decentralized computing and they are a strong up-and-coming blockchain with a truly amazing innovative team, which made our decision very easy. We are confident that our collaboration will give athletes from all sports, at all levels, an amazing opportunity to leverage metaverses and all things digital with their fans right beside them”, Tony Charanduk, UFF Sports founder says about the partnership.

Currently more energy-efficient than Ethereum and a ton of other projects, Cudos has partnered with an array of brands, one of which is Tingo, a unique agri-tech business that aims at delivering real-world impact to rural communities. Besides this, Cudos is partnering with other projects to deliver amazing real-time results. The agreement with UFF Sports will place them as one of the few projects in the sports industry that's taking real action to revolutionize the market while offering athletes another unique and sustainable revenue generation source.

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