QrKita Announces Launch of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Days After Publish Sale

QrKita Announces Launch of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Days After Publish Sale

Surabaya, Indonesia / October 25, 2021 / QrKita, the first online Qris platform In Indonesia announced the launch of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) on LaToken exchange. The Publish sale would see a total of 30,000,000,000 QRT up for grabs. The QRT/USDT pair will be listed on the following platform post Publish sale and IEO.

●   XT.com

●   Coinsbit

●   P2pb2b

●   Pactswap

●   Pancakeswap

●   Latoken

Qrkita aims to merge the gap among retail players in the Indonesian market and connect them with each other through the digital economy. Qrkita aims to facilitate non-cash transactions, encourage financial inclusion, promote MSMEs which would lead to the collective growth of the retail sector. Qrkita would make way for seamless transactions for each and everyone using QR, and will not be limited to wholesalers. Using QR payments, small traders such as meatball sellers, vegetable sellers, and others throughout Indonesia can pave the way for a digital economy that will make transactions seamless.

Qrkita would be the first of its kind Qris online platform that will bridge the gap between the merchant community and the crypto community, especially in Indonesia, this combination will generate profits for all parties as it would cut out the middlemen. Qrkita is one of the cashback reward options that will be accepted by merchants and their customers, as well as the beginning of learning the crypto world for them. From there merchants and customers will get to know crypto more deeply, farming, staking, and so on.

How Merchants Can Make the Most of QrKita?

QrKita will launch several marketing programs in collaboration with merchants to lure more interest from customers and make digital transactions a norm. The first among many programs would be a cashback program where customers would be rewarded for paying using the Qrkita network.

Merchants must first register with qrkita.exchange with their appropriate name and account number. The registered merchants would then receive cashback in their accounts. The merchant can send it to the customer’s wallet according to the agreement. For the initial merchant partnerships, QrKita is collaborating with the yukk application as a Qris provider. QrKita might onboard other partners after this as the demand and scale of operations rises. QrKita’s native token which is currently available at a discounted price on several popular platforms would also give merchants as well as customers to trade the native token.

Being an industry first has its own share of advantages and disadvantages, but QrKita would ensure that the Indonesian retail market that forms the major backbone of the economy gets digitized and becomes a prominent name in the growing crypto frenzy. Several international retail giants including PayPal and Venmo have adopted the crypto economy, opening the gates to millions of merchants where users can easily spend their crypto to buy daily needs. Thus, being among the early few adopters would definitely make Qrkita a primary choice for merchants in Indonesia.

Qrkita Aims to Revamp Indonesian Retail Market

Indonesia is one of the hottest tourist hotspots in the world that makes way for an equally enormous retail market consisting of MSMEs, small food vendors, fruit and vegetable sellers, grocery shop owners, and similarly many others. During these times of pandemic which has run havoc on countries, physical transactions are becoming rare, with the majority of nations focusing on encouraging digital payments. On the other hand, the crypto market is breaking new record highs and its adoption continues to grow. Several nations are passing laws to incorporate crypto use in their financial system as it would play a key role in the digital economy.

QrKita aims to elevate Indonesia among the growing adopters of crypto and the digital economy. It would work with merchants. An investment in the project also ensures investing in the future of digitization thus it would become a good choice of merchants and also help investors with great returns. The platform would make it easy for small and medium firms to raise money from investors and expand their business. The platform would try to shorten the gap between institutional funding and retail founding.

Every transaction on Qrkita contributes towards automatically generating further liquidity. This will establish a solid price floor over time. The ecosystem would make way for holders to earn passive rewards from every transaction at the same time merchants will also earn rewards from every transaction making it a win-win situation for both parties. In order to avert whale dumps, transfers of more than 0.05% of the total supply will be rejected.

QRT Token public sale is live on Pancakeswap, the price already jumped to 0.0029 USDT per QRT, from Initial price 0.0007 USDT per QRT.

To learn more about QrKita visit Qrkita.exchange

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