Revolutionary ArtemisX Protocol Enthuses the Crypto Space with its Auto-Staking and Dual Reward Platform

Revolutionary ArtemisX Protocol Enthuses the Crypto Space with its Auto-Staking and Dual Reward Platform
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Before the end of June 2022, NASA will launch a spacecraft into the Moon’s South pole; this would be the first of its kind since Apollo 17 of 1972. This mission is known as the Artemis 1; the objective is to successfully land the first female and first astronaut of color on the Moon. ArtemisX, a blockchain technology protocol, is inspired by the NASA Artemis1 mission project.

ArtemisX is a blockchain network that enables auto-staking and also offers high BUSD and interest on investment as rewards. Its auto-staking feature allows investors to grow their funds speedily by simply holding their tokens on the platform. ArtemisX protocol is an Auto-staking protocol that offers users dual rewards through a fixed compound interest scheme for just holding their tokens instead of staking. These token holders are also allowed a limited early entry to any ArtemisX latest products and services. An example of such a product is the Move2Earn – M2E. The M2E is a new reward system that rewards users for just engaging in outdoor and indoor recreation activities such as running, jogging, swimming, etc..

Auto-Staking and Reward Platform

ArtemisX protocol is a DeFi system built on the Binance Smart Chain – BSC; it features a dual reward system where investors are rewarded in BUSD stabelcoin through a comprehensive fixed compound interest model.

Users are only expected to hold their tokens on the platform and earn on its dual reward system. Token holders gain 0.02169% every fifteen minutes, which amounts to ninety-six times per day. In the second reward system, token holders earn a substantial amount through a fixed auto-compounding interest of 199.9% annual percentage yield – APY.

The ArtemisX protocol does not allow for staking, i.e., there is no staking option for users. Users are only expected to hold their tokens and gain dividends at the speed of sound. Stresslessly generating inflow from crypto investments is the reality of living in the future now.

Important Features of the ArtemisX Blockchain Protocol

  • Auto-LP

This feature helps to automatically back up the liquidity of $ARTEMISX to guarantee safety during an exchange. The treasury can manually add the LP

  • ArtemisX Insurance Fund (AIF)

AIF reduces risk in the auto-staking and compound interest system by storing the trading costs. This goes a long way to support the reward system.

  • BUSD

Token holders are rewarded using the binance exchange stablecoin – BUSD. The more proportion a trader holds, the more he is rewarded.

  • The Treasury

This sustains the AIF. The percentage token allocated for marketing will also be utilized to invest in other projects and partnerships to generate more income for the treasury to help stabilize the entire ArtemisX project.

  • Auto-Burn

The higher the amount of trade, the lower the total money in circulation; this would aid in stabilizing the ArtemisX economy. 1.5% of all trade volumes will be burnt in the sun to achieve the above.


Below is the ArtemisX plan for improvement; however, the roadmap may change due to unexpected changes in the crypto industry.

Contract and website development, launching the project on PancakeSwap, Liquidity lock, Launching the website and dashboard 1.0, computing the whitepaper, opening a Discord channel, Securing partnerships, Investing in other projects, KYC, Audit, Partnership swap, Launching a marketing campaign on YouTube, Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, marketing campaigns using press releases, logo release, Adding token price to Trust Wallet, Launching Dashboard 2.0 and NFT launchpad, and launching marketing campaign phase II.


ArtemisX pack of unprecedented building blocks has positioned it as an easy-to-go blockchain protocol. It simplifies complex crypto investment procedures; anyone with no crypto knowledge can effortlessly invest their funds and hold a $ARTEMISX token on the ArtemisX protocol.

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