Richard Karn’s NFT project is full of surprises

Richard Karn’s NFT project is full of surprises
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Launching on March 31st, 2022, Richard Karn’s NFT project takes a completely different angle, unlike what is rampant in the NFT industry.

A few weeks ago, the Home Improvement alum and former Family Feud host announced his “Experience NFT” collection.

Each of Karn’s NFTs comes with exciting and rare experiences (or utilities) for buyers. This includes playing 18 holes of golf with him at the storied Lakeside Golf Club in California, or playing Family Feud with Karn as the host, or even reminiscing about Home Improvement (the TV show) over Zoom. This and much more is available at

The Story of Richard’s NFT Announcement

Launching this NFT project wasn’t smooth-sailing for Karn.

His NFT launch announcement, though well-received by his crypto-native fans, also attracted internet trolls. The virulent toxicity and attack on Karn’s impeccable career blocked out the positive, causing the Home Improvement star to initially cancel the scheduled NFT drop.

Fortunately for his true fans - who had already subscribed and were patiently waiting for the release - Karn ultimately took a bold stand against cyber-bullying. He had committed to his loyal fans, so he thought it best to offer them his unique Experience NFTs, regardless of the naysayers.

As previously mentioned, Karn is now releasing his Experience NFT collection on March 31st, 2022.

A set of super rare Experience NFTs

All of Karn’s NFTs are laced with unique experiences.

The first NFT, named ‘Golf Buddies, ’ lets the buyer play 18 holes of Golf with Karn, at the storied Lakeside Golf Club in California. Every ‘Golf Buddy’ is good for 3 rounds of Golf (one round every 6 months).  

The second NFT, named ‘Family Feud’, will see buyers and their friends play Family Feud with Karn. Expected to happen 4 times — once every 6 months — each game will last for at least 30 minutes, and can be arranged at house parties or corporate events.

There are other types of NFTs too - called Legendary Guitar, Tag Team, and I Don’t Think So. Their unique abilities can be seen at The kicker is that any NFT holder can re-sell these NFT after only using them once (the next person is able to use them as well). Overall, this means people can literally make their money back after availing the actual experience!

Note that all of Richard Karn’s NFTs are eco-friendly. Leveraging clever engineering, the NFTs simply recycle energy used by Bitcoin miners in the past. I.e. no new carbon footprint is created. Those who’re tech savvy can openly look under the hood by researching “proof-of-transfer (PoX) consensus mechanism”.  In a nutshell, these NFTs are not conventional NFTs.

Richard Karn created his NFT project through a partnership with the NFT company Superfandom. Superfandom aims at utilizing NFTs to enable virtual and real-world experiences, pioneering a new direction for NFTs. You can view Richard’s NFTs at

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