soAlien - a chapter-based NFT project releases public minting day

soAlien - a chapter-based NFT project releases public minting day

soAliens - a species which landed on Planet Earth quite some time ago has emerged into the space of NFTs and the Solana Blockchain.

soAliens live in Alienville - a small city in the United States of America. We are sure you’re wondering “what, how, when” – let us tell you how this came along. After several mysteries about Aliens, Area 51 and so many other stories, the U.S. government as well as a few other nations revealed that soAliens arrived on Planet Earth in the early 60s – at least, that is when an encounter with Aliens actually was recorded. However, things went a bit south back then, the few Aliens who were here were kept under isolation – we don’t know where – we only knew there were quite a few of them though.

Time passes, things evolve, and this isolated world the soAliens live in, kind of developed an own dynamic and ecosystem and Aliens kept on feeling more and more comfortable. The small area where Aliens were kept at first, grew and Aliens, well they reproduced as well and the whole area grew along with the soAliens. This went on for quite some time, under complete isolation from the rest of the world – the soAliens picked up the English language, learned more about human beings, societies, social infrastructure, education, economics, medicine and whatever we have out there.

After decades under strict isolation – soAliens already adapted to the system here on Planet Earth – the U.S. government decided to reveal that soAliens are living here – as our neighbors in Alienville.  And you might be surprised – but these Aliens, they do live like us, in a small village, in families, in democratic systems (they have an elected mayor) with schools, a hospital and a few clinics, shops etc. But before I spoil all the fun – this is only the introduction to Alienville. And there is so much to tell.

Chapter-based NFTs

Chapter-based means that the story around AlienVille and the soAliens will be told in 3 chapters, whereas the first chapter is the public announcement of the existence of AlienVille. The following chapters will be revealed later on, but here are some facts you should know:

  • Every chapter comes with an own NFT collection
  • Chapter 2 and chapter 3 will have less NFTs in it’s collection as the previous chapter
  • You have to stake the NFT from chapter 1 to be eligible to participate in chapter 2 and 3


The minting for soAliens will start on the 17th of November and will be done via the soAlien website. 10.000 NFTs will be minted and there will be different ways to get whitelisted and get a discount on the initial minting price - please make sure you join the project’s Discord to get all the information. As an early supporter you’ll be able to apply a discount on the minting price as well.


The collection will be built using 246 different attributes across all soAliens NFTs. Check the rarity tables via The project will release a full overview with all the NFTs with their attributes and rarity scores after the minting has been completed. You will have an easy way to see how rare your NFT is.

The project is working and will be releasing more functionalities for the soAlien community and the people of AlienVille:


The AlienVille Gatekeeper is the main wallet issuing the minted NFTs and receiving the minting funds. This Gatekeeper will serve as the main interaction wallet to ensure that everything is running smoothly - transparent on the Solana Blockchain. Functions of the Gatekeeper in summary:

  • Main project wallet
  • NFT sales treasury
  • Burn issuer
  • Shizzle Tax receiver (to be explained)
  • Royalty receiver

Area 56 - Deflationary Mechanism

The project will use 2% of the royalties to buy back NFTs and burn them to take them out of the collection and circulation. This will reduce the circulating supply and help to maintain and stabilize the price.

Shizzle My Alien Tax (SMAT)

The project is introducing a Shizzle My Alien Tax which means you’re taking your own soAlien to shits. SMAT applies if you list one of your soAliens on a secondary market under the highest sale price. SMAT will flow into Gatekeeper and is used to buy-back the NFTs and burn them according to our Area 56 Deflationary Mechanism. Again, this will reduce the total number of soAliens available on the markets.

Spacecraft (Governance & Staking)

The project will implement a governance vault which means you will need to stake your NFT to participate in the reward distribution. This will be done via a snapshot and the length of your respective NFT stalking. Spacecraft will also be the main decision vault - you get a vote for each NFT to direct the project's direction when it comes to major decisions.


The royalties applied on all sales will be 6% whereas the allocation will be the following:

  • 2% to Gatekeeper
  • 1% to AlienVille Team
  • 2% to Holders
  • 1% to Donation

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