StrongNode Edge—the Advantageous IAAS Project

Designed to power infrastructure-as-a-service [IAAS] for the node economy, StrongNode Edge, as revealed in a recent press release, has announced the opening of early user registration. Opened on April 20th, 2022, this will allow you early access to the StrongNode Edge project while offering an opportunity to create basic profiles and reserve a limited space for them.  

A thousand spots are available for potential users to claim, all based on the first-come-first-serve model.

Supercharged by the advanced blockchain technology, the underlying system on which many unique projects are built, StrongNode Edge aims to pioneer a paradigm shift in how individuals and brands use computing resources. Employing this technology, StrongNode facilitates certain features like payments, interoperable efficiencies, and rewards for users.

While the project is still under construction, the IAAS for the node economy project will allow anyone with a smart device to connect to the Edge network seamlessly. Once connected, they can immediately offer unused computing resources such as GPU, CPU, and RAM to the grid in return for $SNE—-the project’s native token.

Node Seeders, the group of individuals charged with providing unused resources for commercial and industrial brands alike, will receive rewards for participating in this activity. The buyers—industries—-according to the StrongNode team, will make payments using a combination of $SNE and USD. If the latter is used, a portion is set aside to purchase a tiny fraction of $SNE, filling the reward pool in the process.

Advantages of StrongNode Edge

Aimed at pioneering a world where users get rewards for providing unused computing resources for use in the supply chain industry, StrongNode is poised to offer these unique advantages.

First, the IAAS project optimizes existing resources. It efficiently distributes and harvests GPU/CPU data storage and bandwidth. StrongNode will automate workflows by supplying developer tools, APIs, and auto-scaling infrastructure.

The $SNE Token

$SNE is a utility-replete token that will allow potential StrongNode Edge users to access all the amazing benefits and resources offered by Edge Seekers. High-volume resource consumers categorized as Edge Innovators will receive rewards for their sources in $SNE. Non-crypto savvy individuals in need of these services will have to make payments in USD, and as mentioned, a percentage will go to the purchase of more tokens.

In an attempt to further increase the accessibility of these tokens, the StrongNode team will soon arrive on the Ethereum network. This will allow seamless access to one of the world’s leading blockchains and a massive crowd of users.

With a total of ten billion $SNE, StrongNode Edge has adopted a standard token sharing structure that allows users to own these tokens through private sales, public sales, and rewards for actively participating in the project’s growth.

With plans to become a truly decentralized platform, $SNE will serve as the governance token for the innovative and new project in the pipeline. Like most DAO-based projects, $SNE holders will reserve the right to vote on suggestions and decisions to be made by the team.

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