StrongNode (SNE) to List on MEXC ahead of the Launch of a Decentralized Virtual Private Network

StrongNode (SNE) to List on MEXC ahead of the Launch of a Decentralized Virtual Private Network
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SNE, the native token of StrongNode Edge--an enterprise and an infrastructure-as-a-service company-- will list for the first time on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC.

As per recent details, the listing decision will be a massive milestone for the project aiming to utilize the power of the blockchain to rollout beneficial, cyclic, and symbiotic solutions that will go a long way in conserving the environment and using idle computing resources like GPU and CPU cycles, bandwidth, or data storage.

Listing SNE on the MEXC Exchange

Over the years, MEXC has emerged to be one of the most liquid and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, listing hundreds of tokens and availing a long list of crypto pairs for clients across the globe. According to trackers, MEXC has an average daily trading volume of over $5 billion, a testament to the ramp's liquidity.

From March 14, 2022, at 1500 HRS UTC, SNE will be listed versus the USDT, marking the first time where holders of the utility token will instantly swap in a centralized platform. To celebrate the listing of SNE on MEXC, the exchange will distribute $40k of SNE to top traders as part of a contest.

On the other hand, SNE holders will be free to stake through the MX DeFi program, a system with modern mechanisms to compensate against impermanent loss—an Achilles heel in DeFi protocols using automated market maker (AMM) models.

Although the StrongNode Edge platform aims to be blockchain agnostic in the long haul, the portal has deployed from Ethereum—one of the world's most active blockchain networks—and Polygon—the EVM compatible sidechain boasting high throughput and scalability. However, the team continues to bridge to various layer-1 chains, which would significantly benefit platform users over the long haul. As part of the agreement, MEXC will support the SNE versions deployed from Polygon and Ethereum networks.

The MEXC exchange is the first of several cryptocurrency exchanges where StrongNode plans to list its token. At the moment, SNE is available for trading on QuickSwap, the polygon-based DEX, where users can trustlessly swap SNE for wMATIC or USDC. The listing of SNE will be refreshing for holders and users, considering the low technical requirements and blockchain experience needed to access a CEX. However, before listing on a CEX, StrongNode Edge has declared that it would first consider the exchange's geographical location and how the exchange plans to support the project. The latter requirement is vital since the platform is actively being built with solid plans of releasing the first series of dApps in the next few weeks.

The dVPN and StrongNode Edge Product to Harness Idle Computing Resources

According to the StrongNode Edge team, a decentralized VPN solution, the dVPN, will launch in Q2 2022. The dVPN will be central to the project's ecosystem and give SNE the much-needed utility. Users who plug in, playing a part in the dVPN as exit nodes, will earn SNE for their contribution. Meanwhile, users—who can be institutions or retailers—in need of dVPN services would pay using SNE. All dVPN users will be required to sign up using StrongNodeID as part of the platform's KYC compliance.

Moreover, StrongNode Edge is actively developing a product that will allow users to make good use of idle computing resources, including bandwidth, data storage, and CPU and GPU cycles, to the network. Users who seed such resources will receive SNE rewards, while users who require them must spend SNE or fiat, utilizing them in powering their activities.

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