Teslafan decentralized crowdfunding platform combines blockchain with AI

Teslafan decentralized crowdfunding platform combines blockchain with AI

The crypto industry has been disrupting every aspect of traditional finance, as well as many other industries out there, ever since it emerged. It's just that its impact was very small at first, and so nobody paid much attention for years, until now, when it grew and when every small step that it continues to make results in major coverage and positive further predictions.

The AI marketplace is a good example of this. These days, many projects are trying to use AI and combine it with other emerging technologies, such as the blockchain. A lot of times, AI is the go-to tech for trading bots and other automated systems. But, it is even more exciting and interesting to combine emerging technologies with other emerging technologies, such as combining AI/ML/DL tech with decentralized finance, crowdfunding, and other projects where the community takes the central stage.

This is what Teslafan, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, decided to do, and eliminate the drawbacks of its centralized counterparts. The platform just released its whitepaper, as predicted by its roadmap, showing that it is reliable and true to its word right from the start.

What is Teslafan?

Teslafan is a project that offers a new future. It functions as a decentralized crowdfunding platform, an AI marketplace, and a renewable and sustainable energy charity. Teslafan is a project that aims to provide a payment method with TESLF coins to charities that focus on renewable and sustainable energy. Teslafan is not a renewable or sustainable energy charity. As such, it plans to be the key protocol that will bring together innovators, developers, and data scientists who have core expertise in these sectors, and can contribute further to improving these branches and their products.

Of course, Teslafan combines AI solutions, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning with blockchain technology, putting it all on a decentralized blockchain network.

There has been an increased demand for AI/ML/DL technologies, and particularly for solutions that tie these technologies with blockchain. However, the accessibility of quality AI solutions is low, and projects that do offer them are often too centralized, meaning that there is some sort of central authority that controls more than what the project and its community would want. This has led to the creation of Teslafan, which is fully decentralized.

Details about Teslafan

One thing to know about Teslafan is that the project received an anonymous investment before it ever entered ICO, which indicated that the project became extremely interesting to investors very early on. This is significant, as it rarely happens for an unreleased project to attract such high interest, let alone money. Other than the anonymous fan, Teslafan also received support through its Teslafan coin (TESLF) from numerous renewable energy firms. Since the project did not receive the support with TESLf coin, it would be more accurate to express the project in this way. Teslafan received anonymous investment from investors from the initial stage, and many renewable energy companies are now among the supporters of this project. The token itself is a utility token that allows payments on the project's network, and participation in its various features.

As mentioned, Teslafan offers an AI Marketplace, which is a marketplace for all AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Expert Systems, Speech Processing, and Natural Language Processing-driven projects. Marketplace will be accessible for all, and it will remove barriers in AI application in business and any other environments. Once costly, now it became very accessible.

Then, there is its network of combined technologies, meaning AI and blockchain. The ecosystem also offers renewable energy charities, providing access for crypto enthusiasts to donate to charities fighting for safe energy, against water pollution, and more. Teslafan does not offer a renewable energy charity. On the contrary, Teslafan offers the opportunity to donate to existing renewable, sustainable, and green energy charities and nonprofits organizations through TESLF.

There are two other parts of the website, which deal with sentiment analysis and stock data comparison. The sentiment analysis is opinion mining or emotion AI of already existing and future projects, ideas, and products in the fields of sustainable and renewable energy, geothermal power, solar energy, solar power, wave power, wind power, and more.

As for stock data comparison, it is a process that can eliminate the time-consuming procedure of searching for the best exchanges to purchase the stock of sustainable and renewable energy companies, thus allowing those interested in such firms to locate them quickly, and invest in them straight away.

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