TETRA PAY (TPAY) TOKEN - Why is the world of cryptocurrency amazing?

TETRA PAY (TPAY) TOKEN - Why is the world of cryptocurrency amazing?

Entering the mainstream with a bang, TPAY tokens are bringing in a new and flourishing financial ecosystem to replace traditional financial models.

Cryptocurrencies have burst into the mainstream and have been stirring a lot of interest worldwide. While some believe it to be gold, others debate the proposition of cryptocurrencies. But should this matter to you? Most probably yes, since cryptocurrency is starting to see new users pop up every single day who are looking for a cash grab. Since 2017, the price of bitcoin grew by about 2000 per cent in a single year sending ripples all over the globe.

With tons of media houses and newspapers covering this massive boom, a newfound interest was found in this industry and now the cryptocurrency industry is looking forward to new players joining the market to enrich the experience of both the end users as well as the investors. Some of the major defining factors that help people choose it over the traditional transfer method include:

Being decentralised: Not being regulated by any central body or financial institution, gives cryptocurrencies great flexibility for the users and also helps in reducing other transaction fees that might have been incurred if the user chose the traditional route.

Being international: Whenever one had to make international transactions, they had to jump through various hoops and intermediaries to send their own money overseas. Also, they had to incur fluctuating exchange rates making the transaction much more complex. International transactions are made seamless thanks to cryptocurrencies. All the user needs to ensure is that the receiver should have a digital wallet to hold the cryptocurrency.

Being secure: This goes without saying that cryptocurrencies are one of the most secure modes of transaction. Since transactions made through cryptocurrencies are quite difficult to track and decrypt, users often have great privacy and security when using cryptocurrencies to transact.

Ticking all the boxes, the public was introduced to a brand new mode of transaction revolutionising finances is TPAY Tokens. The brainchild of the CEO, Highphill Mathews; brilliant entrepreneur and film producer, TPAY tokens were launched in 2021 by Tetra Pay International INC. TPAY tokens are based on the B 20 protocol of the BNB blockchain which offers similar functionality to its base.

This multiutility cryptocurrency can be used to exchange money and digital assets without any hassle plus the user also does not have to worry about any arbitrary restrictions regarding payments and central repositories. TPAY tokens were launched with several cryptocurrency exchanges for its initial IEO which includes big names like Vindax, Bankcex, LAToken as well as ProBit with further listing coming in the very near future.

Revolutionising the way users transact, this blockchain based multiutility cryptocurrency is an initiative of Tetra Pay International INC who is one of the most prominent names in the forex trading and luxury transportation domain. The initiative came to life after having received the confidence and backings from some of the millionaire investors from all over the globe. Some of the key flexibility offered by TPAY tokens include:

Acceptance in a number of sectors: With the cryptocurrency market booming into popularity, many public and private corporations are accepting cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of payment. With TPAY tokens users can make seamless transactions on several platforms including platforms for:

  • Online gaming
  • E-commerce and online shopping
  • Online bookmakers and online casinos
  • Several OTT platforms
  • As well as in-game purchases for major titles like Ludo board games and many more

Online gamingE-commerce and online shoppingOnline bookmakers and online casinos.Several OTT platforms.As well as in-game purchases for major titles like Ludo board games and many more.

No matter what the future holds, TPAY tokens are sure to induce a new financial system that is flourishing and while some may be sceptical, only time will tell how bright TPAY tokens can shine.

If you like our product, the goal variety overwhelms you. Then you can join us by investing in this future proof cryptocurrency, you can participate in the IEOs which are being held across major exchanges. One of the most remarkable exchanges to offer TPAY IEOs is ProBit. Here is a detailed schedule of the different phases of the IEO on ProBit.

The first round of affairs started from the 2nd of July at 12:00 KST and will conclude on the 6th of July at 12:00 KST with a bonus rate of 15 per cent for PROB and 10 per cent for other currency. With a minimum purchase quantity of 1 TPAY while the maximum bar is set at 2,000,000 TPAY including any sales bonus. The price is allotted $0.25. Then follows round 2, which is set to begin on the 9th of July at 15:00 KST and will end on the 15th of July at 15:00 KST.

The bonus rates for PROB and other quote currencies are set at 15 percent and 10 percent respectively with the minimum transaction set at 1 TPAY while the maximum is set at 2,000,000 TPAY which includes any sales bonus. The price for the second round is set at $0.30. The third and last round of the TPAY IEO is scheduled to start from the 16th of July at 15:00 KST and will last till the 21st of July at 15:00 KST with a rate of $0.35. Bonus rates are similar to the first and second rounds and the minimum transaction bar is set at 1 TPAY while the max amount is set at 2,000,000 TPAY tokens including any sales bonus. So join hands with our team to have a secure future.

Besides ProBit, LATOKEN is also a website where you can get access to invest on our cryptocurrency.  The dates will be scheduled for purchase of different phases of the IEO on LATOKEN. The phrases are divided in two rounds. The first round of affairs started from the 17 th of June. The price is allotted at $ 0.25 per. With a token sale of 25,000,000. The second round of affairs has started from 1st July to 15 th July of this year. The price is allotted at $0.35 per. With a token sale of 25,000,000.

To get more Information, visit on https://tpaytoken.io/

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