The Cutting-Edge Companies Revolutionizing Recycling

The Cutting-Edge Companies Revolutionizing Recycling
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The clear and present danger that global waste is posing to our planet, has suddenly skyrocketed. - And this threat is systematically becoming worse and worse with each passing day. In some cases, worldwide production and consumption works hand in glove to destroy our beautiful natural environment, its valuable resources, our health, and the future of the entire planet.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

But it's not all gloom and doom! - Now, thanks to state-of-the-art cutting-edge start-ups and the diversification of existing companies, this very real and present danger is being faced head-on. - Innovative minds in conjunction with high tech, are on the cusp of saving the planet. - And we need to support them. So let's take a look at some of the leaders and shakers who are revolutionizing the future of recycling as they extract high value (in the $Billions) from dangerous waste.

ALKEMY– Recycling Toxic Waste & Turning it into Huge Profits

It can take an alarminging hundreds or thousands of years for plastic to decompose in nature. The plastic can clog drains and instigate floods; cause respiratory health problems if burned; shorten the lifespan of animals if eaten, and contaminate water bodies if thrown into the oceans. Also, the ultra violet light from the sun degrades the plastic into microplastics which are virtually impossible to recover. -  And such microplastics degrade natural habitats and disrupt food chains.

Thanks to the brilliance of  Alkemy (a pioneering Israeli-Canadian environmental technology plastic recycling company), and its ever increasing global supporters, the prediction that if nothing is done, in terms of weight, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050, will never come to pass. In addition, Alkemy's miraculous strategy to tackle our planet's increasing plastic waste dilemma, can also prevent the dumping of a whopping 12 billion metric tons of plastic which (if prevailing production and inefficient waste management trends continue), are predicted to be in the environment or landfills by the middle of this century.

If we just consider plastic bags – a massive 5 trillion will be consumed this year alone! - This equates to 160,000 per second!  Yet the fact of the matter is that a mere 9% of all the plastic waste that has ever been produced, has been recycled.  Dumps, landfills and the natural environment, has suffered with accommodating 79%, while 12% has been incinerated.

But the good news is that Alkemy's scientists and engineers stepped up to this Herculean challenge, and during the course of three years, they generated a highly successful innovative plastic bag recycling process which was, (until then), deemed economically non-viable for recycling. Following this, the team set up worldwide Alkemy factories for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing finished goods produced from 'dirty-plastic.'- Thus recycling, and simultaneously helping to save the planet. Of note: the Alkemy factories (which are purposefully situated on dumping sites), have the technology to decrease plastic pollution by more than 60% in under a decade. - Now that is really commendable!

Significantly, Alkemy has designed unique innovative technology which can produce virtually every kind of plastic product, by using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (recovered from both domestic and agricultural waste). So in a nutshell, Alkemy's production process bypasses the need for virgin plastic materials - and this empowers it to significantly decrease the quantity of plastic waste on our distressed planet.

There is no doubt that Alkemy's state-of-the-art recycling strategy is a high end innovative one-step process that goes in the right direction for humanity and the planet. In this case, the direction is 'from-waste-to-product.' - And as such, the process substantially cuts down energy consumption, minimizes carbon foot prints, and decreases the use of natural resources. Ultimately, this unique process culminates in the production of high quality products that have been generated straight from 'dirty plastic' waste.  And another bonus is that this procedure bypasses the need to go through the production stage of turning the waste into raw material.

In summing up, there is no doubt that Alkemy is the ultimate game changer. - It miraculously discovered this revolutionary recycling plastic method while simultaneously keeping its profits spectacularly high. - It has found much needed solutions for this very serious plastic crisis - and offers realistic environmental hope for the future of humanity and the planet, while at the same time, providing an exciting financial hyper-growth potential (Alkemy's 2021 filing statement on the Toronto Stock Exchange as AKMY.V asserts a proven track record of more than 30% operational margin on recycling versus the 15% industry standard). And when it comes to return on investment, Alkemy offers ROI in under 36 months on every plant they install. - This equates to potential multibillion dollar profits within the next five years tied directly and linearly to the company's rate of  Alkemy factory installations across the globe. What could be better for the planet and investors?

RENEWI: Generating New Life From Used Materials

In 2020, our planet's material consumption scored a record 100 billion tonnes, yet the proportion of material which is being recycled is falling. And this is where Renewi comes in. - This is one of the world's top 'waste to product' companies which prioritises battling the world's climate problem. It is based in Europe, where it boasts an extensive operational network comprising 170-plus sites which
carry out the Renewi's practical and sustainable recycling solutions. Just as with Alkemy, Renewi regards waste as an opportunity. - A win-win which can help protect the planet and our future, while at the same time, drive massive profits.

Known for its long record of experience and know-how, Renewi harnesses high-level tech and unique creativity, to transform all kinds of dangerous waste into practical raw material. This includes: energy, compost, building materials, wood, glass, metal and paper. When Renewi launched their 2020 business strategy, they stated that their aim is to become an even bigger player in the waste-to-product industry. This new way forward is designed to set the company apart from simply being a pure-play recycler which only concentrates on providing high-quality secondary materials.

Renewi's strategy is in-line with three market-facing priorities that are designed to strengthen its leadership within both the circular economy and its more internally positioned 2.0 program. - The latter of which is set to simplify various processes, and generate more digitalisation. The three market-facing priorities comprise: becoming a leader in recycling; not only does recycling fulfil market demand, it is also pivotal to Renewi's waste-to-product mission. Becoming a major player in secondary material production, thus ameliorating the 'spread' and quality of the products that Renewi generates, and ultimately raising the value of what it recycles. And lastly, selectively gaining market share in order to help expand the total volume of treated waste. Being on the winning track, Renewi could well achieve all these objectives.

CONVANTA: Recycling Solutions to Help the Planet

Avoiding the use of landfills protects the future of our planet. - It does this by lowering greenhouse gases and recovering valuable natural resources whichcan be recycled. And this is where the US based company, Convanta  plays an important role. Covanta is synonymous with environmental innovation and a sustainable future. It empowers companies to lower their ecological risks, and fulfil their sustainability pledges by recycling valuable materials that are found in the waste stream. - Redirecting dangerous waste from landfills, and utilising it in a positive way to generate renewable energy. - And this is exactly what consumers want to see!

Every year, Convanta recycles around 600,000 tons of metal. - And can you believe that the sum total provides enough steel to build more than 400,000 cars, and enough aluminium to produce over 3 billion beverage cans? Utilising its years of experience in conjunction with the latest cutting-edge technology, Convanta recovers, recycles, and reimagines waste for the benefit of the planet, while simultaneously extracting the highest value from the by-products of our daily lives via its pioneering energy and waste solutions. Further, it empowers businesses and federal and municipal clients, by providing them with a circular economy, be it providing energy-from-waste, industrial waste management, or recovering metal for recycling. Services which are urgently needed the world over.

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