The Kripto Odyssey Summit and Tokocrypto’s White paper Launch

The Kripto Odyssey Summit and Tokocrypto’s White paper Launch
Photo by Tbel Abuseridze / Unsplash

According to a recent press release from Tokocrypto, the trusted crypto exchange platform recently launched its white paper at the just concluded The Kripto Odyssey [TKO] Summit 2021. Held on YouTube Live this month, TKO recorded an attendance of over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.

Designed to empower the growing crypto community with unbiased, practical, and well-researched knowledge of the trillion-dollar industry, TKO is the second edition of Tokocrypto’s quarterly summit.

The Kripto Odyssey Summit Panel Discussions

TKO had in attendance some of the top crypto and blockchain experts with vast knowledge of the industry, one of which is Teguh Kurniawan the COO of Tokocrypto. As a member of the first panel of TKO alongside other seasoned industry experts, the discussion focused primarily on blockchain as a technological enabler for the new industrial world. With blockchain—the underlying technology on which cryptocurrencies are built, being potentially replete, it is capable of disrupting a ton of industries.

Aware of the possibilities this immutable and permanent technology possesses, the panelists shed light on the nascent technology and how it will impact, for the better, these markets while playing a key role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In one of his discussions as a member of the TKO first panel, Teguh Kurniawan shared insight on the technology and how it can be utilized to some of the prevalent problems facing a plethora of industries. Per the aforementioned source, the COO talked about TokoCare’s deployment of this permanent and immutable technology as part of its plans to lighten the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia. Teguh further highlighted blockchain’s implementation in the medical, supply chain, and payment processing industries. Blockchain can be used in the storage of medical records, in the process eliminating the need for wrong medication and unknown health conditions. Additionally, for the supply chain industry, tracking goods has become a herculean task for industry leaders. The implementation of this technology will ensure that these products are tracked right from the production to the consumption stage.

The second panel of TKO emphasized cryptocurrencies, discussing in full everything viewers need to know about this new technology. The panel was made up of some of the leading industry leaders comprising Weso, the founder of Beefy Finance. These panelists discussed the surge in interest in decentralized finance [DeFi], NFTs, and GameFi.

These nascent trends have played remarkable roles in the proliferation of the crypto market, offering users new opportunities to earn colossal returns on investments.

Key Takeaways from TKO 2021

Amongst the main highlights, the panelists touched on almost every aspect of the blockchain and crypto markets. First panelists proposed the adoption of blockchain as a tool to solve the lingering problem of distrust that has become a part of the crypto market. Furthermore, these experts revealed that smart contracts could be the missing component in the unification of certain technologies like artificial intelligence [AI], 5G, and big data.

The second panel, on the other hand, discussed, albeit briefly, the transition from DeFi 1.0 to DeFi 2.0. Bound to offer greater transparency to the market, these experts maintain that educating investors will play a critical role in the struggle for increased translucency. Speaking about NFTs as an emerging trend that does not only stop at giving digital artists total freedom of their art pieces but is powering the crypto gaming industry, the experts state that the value of an artwork is dependent on a couple of factors like historical significance, the origin of the art, and the rarity of the token.

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