Tokenplay will change the game world and bring a whole new realm of entertainment to the players

Tokenplay will change the game world and bring a whole new realm of entertainment to the players

Today, the vast majority of online games follow a centralized model. This means that all related data is stored on a server that is fully controlled by the game administrators. Typically, the data includes account information and the server history — which records and stores all events and in-game assets collected by the players (such as collectibles, items, and virtual money). As the database is owned by a single company, players don’t have real ownership of their accounts and items. Also, centralized servers present many limitations and vulnerabilities, which may include:

Server malfunction due to technical issues, System infiltration by hackers, Game shut down, Undeserved ban of accounts, Lack of transparency regarding game mechanics and rates, Manipulation of the game economy by developers and administrators, In other words, the power is in the hands of the games companies.

But fortunately, blockchain technology is able to eliminate or mitigate most of these problems. Our main idea is to take away the power from the gaming companies and give it back to the players. This way, each player can have full control over their accounts and digital assets, and they are free to trade these assets anytime. There are many different methods of developing and maintaining a blockchain game.

About Tokenplay

The transition to making money from blockchain games is gradually appearing and developing strongly. Accordingly, players have the ability to earn extra income by playing games and trading their gaming items.

Tokenplay is not only a game store, but also building a powerful social network, passionate community and new working platform thanks to the monetization opportunities it is creating.

Tokenplay, a NFTs and Gaming Platform built on Multi-Chain, promises to create an ecosystem with a variety of games. In particular, Tokenplay points, gaming fees are converted by TOP coin and valuable, so users can sell it on the web.


  • Security: Digital game items can be easily tokenised and traded in primary and secondary markets, that are managed and facilitated by blockchain technology.
  • Payment: Tokenplay is the game currency that players use to purchase assets and land in the game.
  • Play to earn: There are proportions of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn TOP Tokens.
  • Staking: Token holders could participate in Staking and earn rewards, a certain percentage of platform revenues will be given out as staking rewards.

Tokenplay project achievements

-Winner of "Red Bull-Conquer Your Dream" in 2018, this is a reality show about entrepreneurial ideas.

-The top 15 winning teams that won a prize of USD 25,000 in the Vietnam Ultra Marathon organized by Binance

We are delighted to announce that Tokenplay IDO will be launching on PolyLaunch — the PolyDex launchpad on August 7th 2021. We look forward to our valued community members can invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity through PolyLaunch.

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Media contacts

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City: Singapore

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